Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management is a management function involving procurement of suitable human resources, train and develop their competencies, motivate them reward them effectively and create in them an urge to be part of the management team whose aim should be render, dedicated, committed service for the success and growth of the organization. The term human resources spell the total sum of the components (like skills, creative abilities) possessed by all employees and other persons (like employed, employees, owners etc.) who contribute their services to attain the organizational objectives and goals. Human Resource Management is much broader compared to the term personnel management either at the component’s level or in coverage at organization level. The comparison personnel is Human Resource Management is presented. (C.B.Mamoria, S.V.Gankar) According to Byars and Rue, “Human Resource Management encompasses those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization.” According to Ivancevich and Glueck, “Personnel/human resource management is the function performed in organizations that facilitates the most effective use of people (employees) to achieve organizational and individual goals.” HRM is a process of consisting four functions – acquiring, developing, and motivating and retaining human resources. The acquisition function starts with planning (for the number and categories of employees required) and ends with staffing. The development function has three dimensions-employee training, management development, and career development. The motivation function includes identifying the individual motivational needs of employees and identifying ways to motivate them. The retention function is concerned with providing a conducive work environment to the employees and nurturing them to make them feel committed and attached to the organization. There is a vast difference between modern HRM and the personnel management that was prevalent decades ago. By the end of twentieth century, the managerial philosophy that has defined the personnel function has undergone radical changes. Over the past eighty years, the scientific management approach and the human relations approach appeared and then disappeared too. The human resource has gained prominence in the recent times. The scope of Human Resource Management is vast. All major activities in the working life of the employee from the time of his entry into the organization until he leaves, retires come under the purview of human resource management. The most important activities undertaken are: • Planning, job design, job analysis, procurement, recruitment, selection, induction, placement, training, and development. • Compensation, rewards, benefits retrial, medical and health care. • Motivation- motivational aids, bonus, incentives, profit sharing non-monetary Employee Relations – grievance handling, participation, collective bargaining and other aspects of cordial relations conductive to manual understanding and trust. • Employee evaluation and performance improvement, Human Resource, audit; and Human Resource Accounting. (C.B.Mamoria, S.V.Gankar)

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Human Resource Management is concerned with the people dimension in management, who work in the organization to achieve the objectives of the organization. It concerns with acquisition of appropriate human resources developing their skills and competencies, motivating them for the best performance and ensuring their continued commitment to the organization to achieve organizational objectives and goals. Recruitment and selection is the primary and foremost function in the process of human resource management to the organization. As human resources are believed as an asset of an organization, it is more important for the organization to acquire highly skilled and...
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