Human Resource Management

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1. Provide a brief introduction on the selected organisation, i.e. the mission, vision, objectives, nature of business and the industry in general.

My choice of organisaton would be Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Westports is a seaport that handles containerized and bulk cargo. It has been operational since 1994 and handles around 3million TEUs (containers) yearly. It is a part of Port Klang, which is the 12th largest port in the world. Its location is on the Straits of Malacca which is ideally connected to more than 300 ports worldwide.

Westports is 100% private owned equity. As at now Westports has staff strength of 3000 people. Westports Board of Directors are as follows:-

Figure 1: Board of Directors

Westports Vision is to be a successful gateway for the nation’s trade inventory and the pride of the nation in terms of employee relations, customer satisfaction and corporate citizenship.

The organization Mission statement is to achieve 5 million TEUs and 16 million tonnes of cargo by 2010 with excellent returns for the employees, shareholders and customers.

Westport’s objectives include the following:-

Flexi Port
As a Flexiport, Westports handles not only containers but also Break Bulk, Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, Car Terminal and VAS (Value-Added Service).

Fast Port
Westports is also a fast port where they believe in the importance of “Time”. Therefore, they strive to maximum Cranes usage, faster turnaround for the cranes in loading and unloading the cargo. Apart from that, they also implement the electronic documentation, which saves so much time and ships are always on schedule.

Garden Port
Westports is the world’s first garden port. With over 300 plant varieties and also won the National Landscape Award.

2. Identify and explain in detail the effects of external influences on the staffing process in the selected organization.

External influences are very important and something that all organization have to consider. It can impact an organization positively or negatively where it will effect the activities like management, human resource, individual/job compatibility as well as outcomes for human resource activities. External influences include economic climate, the labour market, rules and regulatios and changes in technology.

Economic Climate
Economic climate has strong influence of the economic climate of an organization. This is base on the economic of a country whether is it strong or weak. If the economic is weak then it will effect direct on the organizations finances. How it will effect direct?

i. Work Merger
The management will decide to merge some of the roles done by the workers. For example in Westport’s Finance Department, we had about 3 person doing the same job such as verify the accounts, issue cheques and prepare monthly report on the basic accounts currently, but due the economic turn down for the past one year the management decided to have only one person to complete the task.

ii. Voluntary Resignation
Due to economic climate weak, Westport have considered to introduce voluntary separation schemes for staffs who have been with the oragnisation for more than 10 years. They were offered with a sum of money and to leave the organization voluntarily.

iii. Payment of Allowance
In Westport, due to the economic down turn the allowances such as overtime, travelling allowances etc were freezed. Our office boys were the people affected much. Their mileage and petrol claims were freezed. Hope it...
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