Human Resource Management

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MB0043 – Human Resource Management

Q1. Define Human resource planning (HRP). Explain the objectives and process of HRP?
 to Human resource planning is the process that links the human resource needs of an organization to its strategic plan ensure that staffing is sufficient, qualified, and competent enough to achieve the organization's objectives. 

The objectives of HRM can be classified as :
It helps in responding to any Resistance to change.
Increases investment in terms of Human Resource.
It determines the future Personnel needs.
It is the process by which management determines how an organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position.
An Outline to Human Resource Planning
To ensure optimum use of existing Human Resource To forecast future requirement of Human Resource
To provide control measures to ensure that necessary Human Resource is available as and when required To assess the surplus and shortage of HR. To provide direction to all HR activities and systems To unite the prospective of line managers and staff.

To anticipate the impact of technology on jobs and HR To determine the cost of HR To determine the level of Recruitment and Training To meet the needs of expansion and diversification programs

Q2. What are the factors affecting recruitment? What are the sources of recruitment?
Internal factors:
Internal factors Recruitment policy: The recruitment policy of an organization specifies the objectives of recruitment and provides a framework for implementation of recruitment programme. It may involve organizational system to be developed for implementing recruitment programmes and procedures by filling up vacancies with best qualified people

2.Human resource planning : Effective human resource planning helps in determining the gaps present in the existing manpower of the organization . It also helps in determining the number of employees to be recruited and what qualification they must possess.

3. Size of the firm : If the organization is planning to increase its operations and expand its business, it will think of hiring more personnel, which will handle its operations. 4. Growth and expansion : Organization will employ or think of employing more personnel if it is expanding it’s operations.

5. Cost : Recruitment incur cost to the employer, therefore, organizations try to employ that source of recruitment which will bear a lower cost of recruitment to the organization for each candidate.

External Factors Supply and demand : The availability of manpower both within and outside the organization is an important determinant in the recruitment process . Labor market : Employment condition in the community where the org is located will influence the recruiting efforts of the organization.

3. Image / goodwill : An organization with positive image and goodwill as an employer finds it easier to attract and retain employees than an organization with negative image .
4. Political-social-legal environment : Various government regulations prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment have direct impact on recruitment practices.
5. Unemployment : When the company is not creating new jobs, there is often oversupply of qualified labour which in turn leads to unemployment .
6. Competitors : To face the competition, many a times the organizations have to change their recruitment policies according to the policies being followed by the competitors.

The sources of recruitment are broadly divided into internal sources and external sources consisting of the following:
Internal sources of Recruitment: 
1. Present Permanent Employees :  Organizations consider the candidates from this source for higher level of jobs due to availability of most suitable candidates for jobs relatively or equally to external sources, to meet the trade union demands and due to the policy of the...
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