Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

Assessment: “HRM functions must be integrated with each other and with strategic issues if they are to make a contribution to HR outcomes or the ‘bottom line’ for the organisation. Discuss this statement, with reference to relevant HRM literature”.

Student: 201312612
Due date: 21/02/2013
Lecturer: Sandhy Massie

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

This paper was developed by the student Bernardo Mateus, for the subject of Human Resources Management, with the porpoise of commenting the following statement: “HRM functions must be integrated with each other and with strategic issues if they are to make a contribution to HR outcomes or the ‘bottom line’ for the organisation.” Being so, throughout this essay, I will be going through a brief definition of “organisation” and how the importance of the Human Resources Department in every industry, has grown in the last years. I will be also describing the various Human Resources functions and strategic issues, and explaining how they must connect with each other in order to achieve results compatible with the organisation’s bottom line.

Part I – History of Human Resources Management
Professor Carter McNamara describes an organisation as a person or a group of individuals that intentionally organised in order to achieve one or various common goals. Being so, all organisations regardless of the dimension or porpoise, have human resources, and those human resources are all different, have different needs and require a different management, in order to achieve in the most efficient way the goals of the organisation (McNamara, n.d.). But this hasn’t been always seen like that, In the past, employees and HR departments were regarded as necessary but expensive overheads, the costs of which had to be borne by the organisation (Nankervis, et al., 2011) This vision was changed in 1933 when Elton Mayo reported in his book, The Human Problems of an Industrial Civilisation, the results of an experiment he conducted in a factory in Western Electric’s Hawthorne Works in Chicago from 1927 to 1932 (Budhwar & Aryee, 2007). This experiment consisted, in a first stage, in studying how the workers from that factory would react when manipulating various variables, such as increasing the illumination in the work place, being given scheduled work breaks and shorter working weeks. The results from this first stage were very positive, since production and productivity increased during the experiment period (Mayo, 1933). On a second phase, Mayo spent considerable time interviewing the workers in order to realise why when the physical and environmental condition were improved, an increase in productivity was noticeable. Turned out that the main factor was not the physical changes, but the social and human factors, because during the period of experiment, the employees felt a genuine care from the company. It was then born the Human Relations School, that believed that management is a people-oriented business, and to insure high levels of productivity and morale, the organisation must provide a good working environment, offer fringe benefits, social benefits and appear to show genuine concern for workers at work and away from work (Mayo, 1933).

And with this “revolution in management”, almost every organisation developed a Human Resources Management Department. This section of an organization focuses in ensuring that the company’s goals are achieved the most effective and efficient way, by the human resources available to the organisation (Budhwar & Aryee, 2007). “Successful organizations will be those that are able to quickly turn strategy into action; to manage processes intelligently and efficiently; to maximize employee contribution and...
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