Human Resource Management

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HRM Strategy, System, Models and Typology

Dr. G C Mohanta, BE(Mech), MSc(Engg), MBA, PhD(Mgt) Professor

Human Resource Strategy
 HR strategy is designed to develop skills, attitudes &

behaviors among staff that will help the organization meet its goals  HR strategy consists of principles for managing the workforce through HR policies and practices  It covers various areas of human resources functions: recruitment, compensation, performance management, reward, recognition, employee relations and training

Human Resource Strategy (Contd.)
 HR strategy must be aligned with the organization's

vision, mission and goals  In developing an HR strategy, the company must analyze the characteristics of its industry, determine its competitive advantage, identify key processes & key people  Creating different strategies for all groups of people in the organization may be necessary, depending on their skills, knowledge and responsibilities  The strategy must look at the organization's culture, structure, people and systems

Human Resource System
Human resource management operates through human resource systems that bring together in a coherent way:  HR philosophies describing the overarching values and guiding principles adopted in managing people.  HR strategies defining the direction in which HRM intends to go.  HR policies, which are the guidelines defining how these values, principles and the strategies should be applied and implemented in specific areas of HRM.  HR processes consisting of the formal procedures and methods used to put HR strategic plans and policies into effect.

Human Resource Strategy (Contd.)
 HR practices comprising the informal approaches used  


in managing people HR programmes, which enable HR strategies, policies & practices to be implemented according to plan Becker and Gerhart have classified these components into three levels: the system architecture (guiding principles) policy alternatives and processes & practices

Models of HRM
The following are the three models of HRM:  Matching Model of HRM  Guest Model of HRM  Harvard Model of HRM

Matching Model of HRM
As per matching model of HRM:  HR systems & organization structure should be managed in a way that is congruent with organizational strategy  There is a HR cycle, which consists of 4 generic processes or functions that are performed in all organizations

Matching Model of HRM (Contd.)
These are:  Selection – matching available human resources to jobs  Appraisal – performance management  Rewards – ‘the reward system must be short & longterm, bearing in mind that ‘business must perform in the present to succeed in the future’  Development – developing high quality employees

Guest Model of HRM
 As per Guest Model, individuals can be motivated for

helping the organization to achieve excellence by concentrating on six core values  The superior organizational excellence will only be achieved if these six core values are integrated with organization’s strategic objective & are implemented coherently.

Guest Model of HRM (Contd.)
The six core values are:  Ategy: This will set the long term goals of where the company is viewed, examples of this could be a ‘to make x amount of profit over the next 5 years’ or ‘to gain worldwide customer base within 3 years’.  HRM policies need to be set and examples of these are ‘Attendance policies’, ‘Leave policies’ or ‘Dress code policies’.  A set of outcomes, an example of this could be ‘a reduction in the headcount which meet the objectives of 2010’ or ‘expansion into the Far East has been achieved’.

Guest Model of HRM (Contd.)
 The behavioral outcomes are examples of the way

employees react & resolve certain issues and these can include analytical, communication or decision making behaviors  Performance outcomes are objectives which will monitor an employee’s performance over the year and will feed into his/her yearly appraisal...
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