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Recruitment and Selection; A good system to study AND A bad style to avoid! → Some Human Resource Management (HRM)’s problems.
Posted on March 3, 2010 by Mai-BS (Thailand)
Many organizations that I work for in the past, or even the ones at present, either in a role of  consultant, trainer or employee, every corner of the company often fills with employee’s complaints. For example  heavy work load, favoritism, nepotism, managers’ bad behavior, un-knowledgeable manager, shortage of man power, or other various general management problem.  From much conversation I have with people, it is found that most employees in most organizations expect the HR manager or HR department to solve the above mentioned problem.   Sometimes, it is sad and almost unfair, that the HR manager is expected to do it all alone. In the very past, the HR manager did more of an administrative job of simply hiring and firing.  But, with the growing society at present, every organization needs someone to look after the overall well being and the well-being of employees.   The HR manager must be brave to say right or wrong and how and who should tackle problems.  It is what I call “societal developmental expectation” towards the HR manager’s role.  And, the name itself as an “HR manager” or People Manager; is kind of obvious for that particular person as an HR manager to accommodate such duties. In many environments, “Growth” comes with “Greed” and that result to conflicts, inequalities, favoritism, nepotism – I would say the overall organizational and people problem.  Thus, the HR manager is expected to create peace, to build team spirit within the organization, to instill company mission to employees, to develop competencies of employees, in concept, to bring all employees to achieve company goals, with an average wage and benefit just like other managers at the same level or even lower in some companies. NONETHELESS, I do agree very much that every company should have such a person with such expectations, particularly at present society.  Since most people still expect the HR manager to fulfill such expectations, I am pleased to contribute the HRM development issue using such a societal belief as a foundation. In my opinion as a former HR person, success or failure of HRM covers the following philosophies and practices: -          Much successes and failures of HRM is from the top manager of an organization. -          Much successes and failures of HRM is from the style of HR manager. HRM’s problem can be viewed in many various aspects and angles, however, in this article, I wish to share a few points based on two aspects above: -          Many top managers do not understand that company needs effective human resource management; therefore, they think everyone can be an HR manager.  Many companies end up having secretary or personal assistant of some managers promoted to be the HR manager.  OR often, someone who is incapable in his or her position is moved to be HR manager – this person is actually being moved from an average job to the most difficult job. -          In consequence from the above, the HR manager himself / herself becomes a key factor to the problem.   Because, HR manager position needs certain or I would much expertise.  He or she cannot only be able to type documents, translate letters, speak second language, talk well, coordinates activities or is of friendly and helpful etc. etc.  An effective HR requires so much more well-rounded knowledge, skill and abilities to respond and tackle people problem. -          The person, whom the top manager promotes to become HR manager, is mostly too young both in terms of life experience and age.  Surely, they are many young people are well respected in many careers but very few to...
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