Human Resource Management

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Human resources are all the employees of an organisation. Human Resource Management is a strategic and logical approach to the running of the most important part of an organisation; the employees. Throughout this assignment I will investigate the different perspectives of human resources mainly focusing on the organisation I am employed by. I will identify any differences between HRM and Personnel and try to back this up with relevant theory. I am going to research into equal opportunities and ways of developing flexibility within the workplace. Also in this assignment I am going to examine employment legislation such as contracts of employment, redundancy and disciplinary issues. Finally I will research the importance of welfare at work.

The idea of Human Resource Management is to identify how employees should be treated in the interests of the organisation. Most middle-sized and large companies now have Human Resource Departments. HR departments are involved with strategic and operational plans and the implementation of an organisations policies and procedures. Strategic HRM can be regarded as a general approach to the strategic management of human resources in accordance with the intentions of the organisation on the future direction it wants to take. It is concerned with longer-term people issues. Strategic HRM is involved with structure, quality, culture, values, and matching resources to the future needs of the business. It has been defined by Johnson and Scholes (1993) as “the direction and scope of an organisation over the longer term, which ideally matches its resources to its changing environment, and in particular to its markets, customers and clients in order to meet stakeholder expectations” Armstrong (2003) suggests strategic management is; “an approach to making decisions on the plans of the organisation concerning the employment relationship and its recruitment, training, development, performance management, reward employee relations strategies, policies and practices” Strategy, it defines the future of the organisation.

The biggest difference between organisations is the people who work for them this is the main competitive objective; also looking after employees is good business, it is therefore imperative for organisations to ensure their employees are well managed. Human resources is involved with ensuring employees are working to the best of their ability. It is an organisations aim to please their customers as a result It is beneficial to any organisation that there employees are trained in their role. This results in human resources being a key element in the success of the business.

Different perspectives of human resource management
John Storey (1989) suggests that employees are an asset rather than a cost, he distinguished between different perspectives of human resource management; hard and soft HRM. Hard HRM is seen as the quantitative, calculative and strategic approach to managing employees, it is more business focused and sees employees as human capital. It proposes that the main focus of organisations should be to manage and train the employees in ways that will obtain value from them which will also increase competitive advantage. Fombrun, Tinchy and Devanna (1984) agree that workers are a key resource used by organisations to achieve competitive advantage. David Guest (1999) supports this he states “based on a business case of a need to respond to an external threat from increasing competition… managers striving to increase competitive advantage… must invest in human resources as well as technology”

Soft HRM is involved more with the human aspect of the employees, it influences communication, motivation and leadership. Storey said: “treating employees as valued assets, source of commitment through hearts and minds of employees through involvement, communications and other methods… ” It focuses on the idea people are led rather than managed, and...
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