Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management Notes

Definition of HRM                                                                            (Nov. 01, May 04) “HRM is a process of bringing people and organisations together so that the goals of each are met. It is a part of management process which is concerned with the management of human resource in an organisation”. Definition of Personnel Management

According to George R. Terry “Personnel management is concerned with the obtaining and maintaining of a satisfactory workforce”. Functions of HRM / PM (Nov. 02, May 05)
A] Managerial Functions includes: Planning, organizing, directing and controlling personnel. B] Operational Functions
1. 1. Procurement of Manpower: The basic principle of procurement is right man to the right job. The procurement function includes – manpower planning, recruitment, selection, appointment, placement, induction, promotion and transfer of employees. 2. 2. Development of Manpower (HRD): HRD is concerned with the training and qualitative development of employees. Manpower development is required for meeting the growing and changing needs of manpower along with the expansion and diversification of business activities. 3. 3. Performance and Compensation of Manpower: Performance management involves performance planning, performance appraisal, performance counseling and payment of compensation to employees. 4. 4. Motivation and Maintenance of Manpower: Motivation and maintaining satisfied manpower requires health and safety measures, proper working conditions provision of welfare facilities and other non-monitory benefits. 5. 5. Integration of Interests of Manpower and the Organisation: Manpower is interested in wage payment while organisation is interested in higher profits and market reputation etc. Personnel management has to reconcile the interests of both parties. 6. 6. Maintaining Cordial Industrial Relations: This function involves the designing of industrial relation system, managing discipline, settlement of employee grievances and managing disputes between management and employees. 7. 7. Miscellaneous Functions: Maintenance of service records of employees, promotions and transfers of employees, career planning of employees etc. Objectives of HRM / PM (Nov. 02, May 05, Nov. 07)

1. To attain self-development of the members of an organisation and also to utilize available human resources. 2. To establish working relationships between employer and employees and between groups of employees. 3. To ensure the availability of a competent and willing workforce to the organisation. 4. To ensure satisfaction to the workers so that they are freely ready to work. 5. To maintain high morale of the workers

6. To secure the integration of individuals with the organisation by reconciling individual goals with those of an organisation. 7. To improve the services rendered by the enterprise to the society through better workforce. Features of HRM / PM

1. 1. HRM relates to Managing People at work. It covers all level of personnel and their needs, expectations etc. 2. 2. HRM is a people oriented process of bringing people and organisations together so that the goals of each ate met properly. 3. 3. HRM is concerned with the development of employee’s potentialities. 4. 4. HRM is an integral part of organisation

5. 5. HRM is a continuous activity as personnel problems continue to exist as long as employees are working in an organisation. 6. 6. HRM aims at securing willing cooperation of employees for achieving organizational objectives. 7. 7. HRM is future oriented as it helps the organisation to achieve its objectives in future. 8. 8. HRM is...
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