Human Resource Management

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In relation to all other resources of an organization human resource has specific features that keep human resource at the peak point. * Vitality of human resource
* Ability to react
* Ability to control all other resources
* Ability to be trained
* Ability to work in teams
Therefore management of human resources is a strategic task. Personnel Management
Archaic fashion of management concerning the workforce which included staffing, payroll, contractual obligations and other administrative tasks. Human Resource Management
Modern version of personnel management concerning all the activities related to utilization of human resource efficiently and effectively so as to ensure the employee satisfaction and development in order to achieve the objectives of an organization. Differences between personnel management and human resource management. Personnel management| Human resource management|

Traditional approach of managing people in the organization.| Modern approach of managing people and their strengths in the organization.| Focuses on personnel administration, employee welfare and labour relation. | Focuses on acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance of human resources in the organization.| Assumes people as an input for achieving desired output.| Assumes people as an important and valuable resource for achieving desired output. | Personnel function is undertaken for employee’s satisfaction. | Administrative function is undertaken for goal achievement.| Job design is done on the basis of division of labour. | Job design is done on the basis of team work.| Employees are provided with less training and development opportunities. | Employees are provided with more training and development opportunities.| Decisions are made by the top management as per the rules and regulation of the organization.| Decisions are made collectively after considering employee’s participation, authority,...
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