Human Resource Management

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1. Introduction

This assignment of BTEC HND in Business management and HRM is related to the Unit 21 which is Human resource management. The subjects of Human resource management covering areas are different between personnel management and HRM, roles of the human resource manager, Human resource planning process, job evaluation and performance evaluation, recruitment and selection procedure, selection technique, reward management system, exit strategies and redundancy. This assignment gives some kind of knowledge about excellent theories of Human resource management.

2. Task One

2.1 Explain the traditional view of Personnel Management and the new approach of Human Resource Management

2.1.1 Personnel Management

Personnel Management is thus basically an administrative record-keeping function, at the operational level in the organization. Personnel management attempts to maintain fair terms and condition of employment in the organization, while at the same time efficiently managing personnel activities and benefits for individual department etc. It is assumed that the outcomes from providing justice and achieving efficiency in the management of personnel activities will result ultimately in achieving organizational success.

2.1.2 Human Resource Management

Human resource management is concerned with the development and implementation of maintaining people strategies, which are incorporated with corporate strategies, and ensure that the culture, values and structure of the organization, and the quality, motivation and commitment of its members contribute fully to the achievement of its goals.

2.1.3 Differences between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

* Personnel management is labor force centered, bound for mainly at the organization’s employees such as finding, training and develop them, organizing for them to be paid, explaining management and organization expectations, justifying management’s actions etc. On the other hand Human resource management is recourse-centered, bound for mainly at management, in terms of transferring to the responsibility of HRM to line management and management development etc.

* Although unquestionably a management function, personnel management has never totally recognized with management interest, as it becomes ineffective when not able to understand and articulate the objectives and views of the workforce, just as sales representatives have to understand the objectives of the customers.

* Personnel management is essentially an operational function, concerned principally with carrying out the day-today people management actions. On the other hand HRM is strategic in nature that is being concerned with straightly supporting an organization to gain maintained competitive advantage.

* HRM is more proactive than Personnel Management. Whereas personnel management is about the maintenance of personnel and administrative systems, HRM is about the forecasting of organizational needs, the continual monitoring and adjustment of personnel systems to meet current and future requirements, and the management of change.

2.2 Roles of the Human Resource Professional in the organization & importance in that role.

Roles| Importance in that role |
1) Equal employment opportunity (EEO)| * A policy statement that equal consideration for a job is applicable to all individuals and that the employer does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, age, marital status, national origin, disability or sex. Because of that every employ of an organization can work freedom and they can work as a team very easily. When the team spirit increased in the organization their productivity will automatically increase. | 2) Job analysis | * A job analysis is the process used to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, skills and work environment of the particular job. Job...
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