Human Resource Management

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CONCEPT OF HUMAN RESOURCE INFORMATION SYSTEM (HRIS) Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a system for collecting, storing, maintaining, retrieving and validating the data needed by an organization about its human resources, human resource management activities and organizations characteristics. There are three major components of any HRIS:

INPUT------------> DATA MAINTENANCE------------> OUTPUT 1 – INPUT FUNCTION: This component provides the capabilities needed to enter information into HRIS. This includes the procedure required to collect the data. Details as to who collects the data, when and how data are processed need to be specified. 2 – DATA MAINTENANCE: After the data are processed by the input function, they enter the data maintenance. It updates and adds new data to the existing database. 3 – OUTPUT FUNCTION: Output can take many forms. The output reports are the crucial links to the users.

In order to conduct human resource audit and human resource research, the human resource manager requires considerable amount of data. Planning and control of human resources need a sound information base. The information required for various functions of human resource management are as follows: 1 – PROCUREMENT FUNCTION: Inventory of present and future needs for manpower, Reliable performance standards, Possible changes affecting manpower utilization, Location and matching of required and available skills, valid measures for testing and selection and Cost of recruitment and replacement. 2 – DEVELOPMENT FUNCTION: Valid measures of employee performance, Cost benefit calculations of training and development, Linkages between individual aspirations and organizational needs and Career and succession plans. 3 – COMPENSATION FUNCTION: Linkage between wages and productivity, Impact of money on work motivation of employees, Employee cost in terms of turnover, Effect of inflation and technology on wage levels and productivity and Value of collective bargaining, fringe benefits programmes, etc to the company. 4 – MAINTENANCE FUNCTION: Absenteeism, turnover, accidents, grievances, discipline, mandays lost and other indicators of organizational health, Environmental standards for physical and mental health of employees, Causes and costs of employee separation and Incentives for voluntary separation if necessary. 5- INTEGRATION FUNCTION: Communication and leadership climate in the company, Adaption to environmental changes, Causes of changes in productivity level and Impact of changes in technology and markets.

A computerized HRIS is an information system that makes use of computers to monitor, control and influence the movement of human beings from the time they indicate their intention to join an organization till the time they separate from it after joining. It consists of the following sub-systems: 1- RECRUITMENT INFORMATION: It includes the placement data bank, advertisement module, general recruitment and trainee recruitment data. 2- PERSONNEL INFORMATION: It includes employee information, transfer monitoring and increment and promotion details. 3- MANPOWER PLANNING INFORMATION: It seeks to provide information that could assist human resource mobilization, career planning, succession planning and inputs for skill development. 4- TRAINING INFORMATION: It provides information for designing course material, arrange for need based training, cost analysis of training, etc. 5- HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEMS: This subject provides information for maintenance of the people. 6- APPRAISAL INFORMATION:...

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