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Task 1
Understand the difference between personal management and human resource management

1. 1 Distinguish between personal management and human resource management Human resource management is the study of human resources who are people and work in an organization. There are various definitions of human resource management. Armstrong (2009), states that human resource management is concerned with all aspects of how people are employed and managed in organization. This definition is broad and makes clear about human resource management. According to this definition HRM covers all the activities like human capital management, corporate social responsibility, knowledge management, organizational development, performance management, employee relation, reward management which happens in organization for managing people. In other definition Randawa (2007) describes human resource management refers to the policies and practices involved in carrying out the people of human resource aspect of a management position. Armstrong (2009), states that the objective of the human resource management is to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through people. Human resource management is an organizational function that deals with people in selecting, recruiting, training, communicating, motivating them. On the hand, the domain of the Human resource management is to plan, organise, direct and control the process of these activities into the organization. Personal management is also used to describe the management of people in the organization. Since the last few decades these two concepts have been taken interchangeably. But few scholars still raise the issues to describe these two concepts separately. However the study of human resource management says that the personal management is related to human resources that occupies the functions that deals with the employment of people within the organizations. Cole (2002) argues that personal management describes the same genre of management activity in such organizations. Cole explores the values and importance of personal management and says that personal management has been used to describe the function of management that deals with the recruitment, employment, training, deployment, safety and departure of employees. Personal management aims to achieve specific efficiency and justice in managing people because it is more concerned with the role and responsibility of the employees into organizations. It is concerned with job satisfaction, pay, promotion and motivation of employees. For example, job satisfaction and motivation can be judged personally that show the personal management has related with the overall study of human resource of management. It also includes developing and implementing the policies to create supportive environment for the employees. But the recent debate has tried to identify some few separate distinctions in effect of application of personal and human resource management. According to Cole (2002) the following distinctions are given:

Personal management covers
Human resource management covers
1. Servicing role
2. special department
3. Emphasis on procedures
4. Less flexible approach to staff
5. Focus on employees' needs
1. Innovative role
2. General Management activity
3. Emphasis on strategy
4. flexible approach
5. Focus on employees requirements

1.2 Access the functions of human resource management of your chosen company Human resource management functions are known as its tasks performed in an organization to provide coordination of human resources. Pattanayak (2005) states that human resource functions are concerned with a variety of activities that significantly influence almost all areas of an organization. HRM functions can be divided into two parts. 1. Primary functions

2. Secondary functions
To describe the functions of human resource management I have chosen Tesco which is the biggest and popular...
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