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Human Resources Management Professor: Amy Tucker

John Smith 100470658

May 1, 2012

May 7th Lecture #1

The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management
When I first registered for this course I didn’t fully understand what the disciple of Human Resource Management entitled. I thought that those working in the human resources dealt solely with the recruiting and dismissal of individuals. However, after reading the first chapter of the textbook it became very clear to me that this area of study encompasses much more. I began to understand that the staff members of a human resource department engage in five main activities that range from supporting employees to ensuring the legal compliance of organizations (Dessler, 2011). The purpose and strategic roles of human resource management were later reinforced and expanded on during our first lecture. During the lecture we watched a short video about the Google Corporation and then broke up into teams for discussion on the clips relevance to HR. As a group we decided to use the definition of HRM given in the text book, “the activities, policies and practices involved in obtaining, utilizing and retaining the appropriate number of skilled employees to accomplish an organization objectives” (Dessler, 2011) as a base for our analysis . We determined that the HR team at Google was successfully doing their jobs because what was portrayed in the video perfectly complemented the definition given by the textbook. We reasoned this because we felt that Google was effectively obtaining, utilizing and retaining their employees. The HR recruiting staff was obtaining the best qualified applicants because they designed a work environment

that appeals to the demographic the organization is seeking. This is accomplished by building an office that has much more to do then just sit in front of a computer. I personally think that the idea is ingenious due to the fact that it pushes students to work hard at school so they may have the opportunity to work at a place like Google. This also provides the company with top of the line employees. In addition this strategy helps retain workers because the y have little reason to leave that kind of work environment? Overall the first day of class gave me a better understanding and respect for HR. I felt that the team discussion of Google really helped to cement the concepts covered today. I look forward to building on the strong knowledge base I developed today over the course of the rest of this semester.

May 9th lecture #2

The Legal environment
Today`s lecture topic covered the legal environment focusing on key legislations that are particularly relevant to Human Resource Management. This is a topic I feel is very important as it deals with serious subject matters including discrimination and sexual harassment. You began class by asking various general questions to help bring into perspective the amount of diversity in the room. It was interesting to see how in some ways I am the same and in some ways I am different from the other students in class. You then tied the exercise in with the legal component by asking if people have been accommodated or discriminated upon in the work environment due to their differences. I believe it was Omar who told the class how the Kamloops food bank had done a wonderful job to accept and not discriminate against him and his friend’s differences. He explained that the person in charge at the organization gave him and others a break to go and pray as they required. I think this is a perfect example of how all organization should function because not only is it the law not to discriminate but it is the right thing to do. The above example makes me proud to live in the Kamloops community because people embrace diversity. Towards the end of the class we discussed how employment equity may lead to reverse discrimination and whether this is ethical. I do feel that it is unethical to...

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