Human Resource Information System

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An HRIS, the abbreviation for Human Resources Information System, is a system that lets you keep track of all your employees and information about them. It is usually done in a database or, more often, in a series of inter-related databases. This option is for managing employees regarding the details like employees cards HR console, add new employee to company, edit employee information, search employee by project design and department, and enter employee code view information. It is a project completed on implementation of HRIS in IIHT Hyderabad Human resource information system (HRIS) is a systematic way of storing data and information for each individual employee for planning, selection, about welfare & safety, termination & promotion. This system provides manager with data to support the routine, repetitive human resource decisions that occur regularly in the organization to make it more effective it should be integrated with the information system with the organization

To assist managers in managing human resources, a number of information systems, called human resource information systems (hris) have been developed. Hris contain personal information about the employees of an organization, and securing this information against unwanted or unwarranted access, use, or distribution is terribly important to the individuals involved. Tactical hris includes job analysis and design, recruitment, training and development, and employee compensation. Strategic hris include information systems that support workforce planning and labor negotiation.


HRIS emergence has made the work of the employees more simple and effective one. Some of the applications of the organization , which could be computerized, and the nature of the information that can be described below:

Personnel administration, Salary administration, Leave/absent recording, Skill inventory, Medical history ,Accident monitoring, Performance appraisal, Training & development ,Manpower planning, Recruitment, Career planning, Collective bargaining. The study on the effectiveness of HRIS in IIHT will help to know how its functioning and how far it will be a fruitful one.


a.To study the concept & awareness of HRIS.
b.To evaluate the effectiveness of HRIS in IIHT
c.To review the Practical implementation of HRIS including managerial implementation of HRIS d.To provide feedback and suggestions for the improvement in implementation of HRIS to enhance its effectiveness


The scope of study is very wide one as the it a emerging trend with more easiness at work and even effective one .The study will benefit the employees the organization ,society and the academician.

Due to the effectiveness of the HRIS its scope of growth is much more going to expand.


Methodology is the entire process of systematically carrying on the project. It includes Research methods, Research design, data sources and collection methods. Research design: The preferred design is descriptive type.

Research methods: one to one interaction with the employees, informal meets with sectional heads of organization, and support of a close ended questionnaire.

Data sources:

Primary data:
The data was collected for the study with the help of a structured questionnaire with closed-ended questions. The manager, HR & Development department has also collected the data

Secondary data: Referring the past company records manuals and magazines have collected this data. Data collected by using one to one interaction and informal meeting with HOD and other sectional heads.

It includes sampling size, sampling process, sampling techniques and methods. Etc

Method of sampling: Intro: For any systematic inquiry application of appropriate methods and a scientific bent of mind or a sine-quo-non. this has an important baring on the...

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