HUman Resource Information System

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Chapter I


Background of the Project
Today's payrolls are growing and getting more complex. The production of paychecks can just be done at the tip of the iceberg. Once it is been accomplished, volumes of reports can be produced and filed. Payroll tax deposits need to be made on a time basis, and that magnetic media filing requirements detail the way that some government reports must be submitted promptly, stated by Meadleman (9:2004). No wonder automated payroll processing is so popular nowadays. Many of the companies are using an automated payroll system because it gives a lot of benefits in their business. An Automated Payroll System can perform the necessary information reports such as SSS contribution, Withholding Tax, Pag-ibig contribution, and salary reports. The process of automated compared to the manual process have big distinction in time you save. Automated Payroll System increases the accuracy of check calculations and minimizes errors. The proposed Bar-code Time Monitoring System can reduce time to calculate employees working hours accurately and eliminate the continuous cost using punch cards. According to Mejia (2:1999), bar codes are part of the automatic ID industry and are sometimes referred to as “Keyless data entry” because they can be used to encode and decode information automatically. The correct use of bar codes can decrease employee time and enlarge organization efficiency.In industry, bar coding has been rising radically over the last 20 years. A bar-coded Identification card shall be employed in order to have a bar-code time monitoring system. This card is relevant because it abolishes data errors, it can easily produce reports commands and it can save resources, stated by Alconcel (2: 1999). This study establishes the position of Payroll System and Bar Code Time Monitoring and Information System in the field of industry particularly in data processing. The Payroll System of PANELCO III Urdaneta is done computerized. They calculate the salary of each employee using Microsoft Excel. The information records of the employees such as an academic history, basic information records promotions and disciplinary measures are manually documented in an envelope. The daily time record of the employee is recorded using the Punch cards system. The Automated Payroll System calculates the gross pay and Subtract out Payroll deductions such as withholding tax, SSS payables, Pag-Ibig Funds and the number of Absents and late in order to shown the net pay. The problems encountered in the existing process of the Human Resource Information, Time Monitoring and Payroll System where personnel-in-charge performs repetitive tasks, inaccurate data, and slow process of data. The proposed Bar Coded Time Monitoring with Human Resource Information and Payroll System aims to meet the needs of PANELCO III in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and security of handling data.

System Framework
Payroll is one of a series of accounting transactions dealing with the process of paying employee’s service rendered for the Company/Organization and it is one of the most laborious- and detail-intensive financial applications, as well as one that simply can't be eliminated it also include the process of Daily Time Record (DTR) and Information Record of the employee. In developing the system, it involved different processes.

Identifications of the problems is the first stage which shown in Figure 1 on page 4, problems such as too much paper works, thorny searching in a bulky of file, not updated records of the employee, time consuming preparing reports and repetitive listing of records are the problems encountered in their existing system.

Data gathering is the second stage. In this stage, data are considered the most important resources of any organization/company and become usable information when it is processed. The data of the proposed system will be collected,...
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