Human Resource Development

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Human Resource Information System

Executive Summary:

Human Resource is the part of the organization dealing with the employees. It starts with selecting the employees, recruiting the employees, training the new joiners and engaging the existing employees in a continuous process of training and knowledge gaining. With the advancement in every sector, the field of Human resource also underwent a technological enhancement. Human resource information system was the tool that was implemented in every sector of Human resource to make it technologically more astute and to make the job of the people working in Human resource easier. The two field of Human Resource chosen in this report are recruitment and selection at IBM Australia. Recruitment is a major part of any organization as it is the factor that decides on the quality of the manpower, which is the education, technical skills, rare skills and experience. Selection is the part of human resource which involves testing the skill and the knowledge of the candidate to verify if he/she is suitable for the position. The report gives information about the existing process in Human resource information system and the future prediction in recruitment and training.

Table of Content

1. Introduction

Human resource information system is software for data entry, data tracking and data information in human resource, payroll and accounting of an organization . It is the integration of Human resource and technology. The function of HRIS includes – a) Information management.

b) Reporting and analysis.
c) Maintenance of company related documents.
d) Administrative benefits like enrollment, change of status and updating personal information. e) Integration with payroll, finance and account system.
f) Resume management and tracking of application.

The benefits of HRIS include fast information processing, accuracy of information, higher level of planning and program development and improved employee communication . The process is accompanied with challenges, which are absence of management commitment, low level of need analysis, inability to keep the team and the key members intact, presence of hidden agendas, non consultation with eminent groups, bad timing and inappropriate communication .

Different streams of Human Resource Information System

Fig.1. Prepared by author (2013), referred from

2. Use of Human Resource Information System in Recruitment Process at IBM

Recruitment is the process of detecting and hiring a person for the open position available in the company . The process involves analysis of the job requirement, advertisement of the job for attracting employees, screening and selection of applicants, hiring and integration of the new employees to the company. In addition to the traditional process of recruitment, integration of HRIS makes the method more systematic and accessible by both the internal employees and the external job applicants of IBM. The technology used in IBM is Oracle. The technology helps the external employees to apply for the open position in the company through job portals by using computers. This makes the information of the aspirant job seeker available to the IBM recruiter directly. This information is then feed into the database system of the organization, making it easily available to the recruiting manager. The recruiting manager conducts detail analysis based on the technical skill, work experience, location and level of education. One more feature of using HRIS is that the internal employees can apply for the open positions directly. The recruitment cycle for IBM is designed as follows –

The Oracle system helps in giving an estimation of the required employees in the organization. The accurate head count is received from the budget maintained by these systems. The recruitment of the employees is done online by posting the...
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