Human Resource Development

Topics: Management, Human resource management, Human resources Pages: 11 (1546 words) Published: February 16, 2013


No. Of Credits: 3
Level: III
Pre-Requisites: MGMT 3017 – Human Resource Management

Course Description

This course is designed to expose students to the issues, techniques and skills associated specifically with the training and development function in organisations. It will expand on the Human Resource Development module covered in the capstone Human Resource Management Course.


The general objective of the course is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the concepts, processes and practices of HRD. Emphasis will be place on examining proven practices and techniques and a practicum application in the preparation and delivery of material learnt will be facilitated.

Human Resources Development is recognized within the Human Resources Management field as a planned effort designed to improve both individual and corporate performance.

Instructor’s Information

Name: Miss. Eileen Knight
Office: Rm. 216, Department of Management Studies
Phone: 662.2002 ext. 83298
E- Mail address:
Office Hours: Wednesdays – 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Letter to Students

Welcome to the Human Resources Development (HRD) course. It is expected that with hard work we will have a fruitful and enjoyable learning experience. Once again welcome it is great to have you on-board.


1. Introduction to Human Resources(Week 1)

Defining Human Resources Development
a. The Evolution of HRD
b. Strategic HRD
c. The Relationship between HRD and Human Resources Management d. HRD Functions
e. Roles and Competencies of HRD Professionals

2. Organization-Wide Learning Issues (Week 2)
a. The Theory of the Learning Organization
b. The Learning Organization in Practice

3. Learning and HRD (Week 3)
a. Defining Learning
b. Learning and Instruction
c. Maximizing Learning
d. Individuals Differences in Learning
e. Learning Strategies and Styles
f. Recent Developments
4. Assessment of HRD Needs (Week 4)
a. Defining Needs
b. Strategic/Organizational Analysis
c. Task Analysis
d. Person Analysis
e. The HRD Process Model Debate

5. Designing and Implementing Effective Training (Week 5) a. Determining Objectives
b. Developing Content
c. Training Methods

6. Off the Job and On the Job Methods and Transfer of Training (Week 6) a. Describe Training methods
b. Define bleded delivery approach
c. Define performance aids
d. Define transfer of learning

7. Evaluating Training Programs and Cost & Benefits of Training Programs(Week 7) a. The Purpose of Evaluation
b. Frameworks of Evaluation
c. Describe the different approaches for costing training programs

8. Employee Socialization and Orientation (Week 8)
a. Defining Socialization
b. Perspectives, Methods, Programs

9. Performance Management and Coaching (Week 9)
a. Defining Coaching
b. Coaching and Performance Management
c. Coaching Methods
d. Coaching Skills

10. Employee Counselling Services (Week 9)
a. Defining Counseling
b. Employee Assistance Programs
c. Stress Management Interventions
d. Employee Wellness and Health Programs
e. Issues in Employee Counseling

11. Career Management and Development (Week 10)
a. Defining Career
b. Life Cycle and Careers
c. Models of Career Development
d. Career Management
e. Roles in Career Management
f. Practices and Activities...
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