Human Resource Development

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Human Resource Development- The Heart of any Organization
People are the real assets of an organization. If treated well they can take the organizations to commanding heights. Organizations are generally driven by a set of predetermined goals. They employ physical, financial and human resources in order to achieve the goals. These goals have no meaning unless people understand the underlying philosophy translate them into concrete action plans and put their heart while realizing the targets. Organizations, thus, depend on people for their survival and growth. In a similar way, people need organizations. The vast majority of people work to support themselves and their families. But people work for many other reasons other than economic security. They do so to gain recognition and achieve status or to test and stretch their capabilities. To meet these multifarious needs people in organizations join hands. Organizations face several problems in meeting their goals, and likewise, employees report some problems in their attempts to be productive and efficient in their jobs. The challenge of Human resource management is to minimize these obstacles and improve the contributions made by people to the organizations. Human resource development is a positive concept in HRM. HRD is a process for developing and unleashing human expertise through organization development and personnel training and development for the purpose of improving performance. It is based on the belief that the investment in the human beings is necessary and will invariably bring in substantial benefits to the organization in the long run. It aims at overall development of human resources in order to contribute to the wellbeing of the employees, organizations and the society at large. HRD is routed in the belief that human beings have the potential to do better. It aims at developing capability of each employee as an individual, the dyadic relationship between each employee and his employer, the team...
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