Human Resource Challenges

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Human Resources Management OMM 618

Human Resource Challenges

Prof. Daniel Jacobson

November 27, 2009

Human Resource Challenge

Human Resource Departments play a very important role in the success of a business. They are the ones who help keep employees in line, help companies establish and maintain company standards and polices and assist with recruiting and bringing in top quality employees. One of the toughest roles that involve human resource departments is laying off employees in this struggling economy.

With the many problems people and businesses are facing in the current struggling economy having to lay off employees is not a fun detail in the job description for human resource departments. Many HR departments today have had to completely change their usual focus. On top of dealing with employee issues, company policies and training they are now having to deal with layoffs and some companies large masses of layoffs. When determining the layoffs, HR departments need to make sure the flow of productivity is not interrupted. An article titled, HR Challenges in 2009 mentions, “Rather than conducting blanket downsizing, human resources management strategies must preserve essential functions and high-performing employees. Downsizing must be blended with employee retention plans.” (par.6) HR departments need to think about the business now but they must also take into consideration what is going to happen once the business is back in its normal state. HR departments have to determine who they need to keep and whey they are going to keep certain individuals over others. Dooney and Esen’s (2009) article mentioned, “To support their organizations, HR specialists went into high gear-doing more with fewer resources. While carrying out regular responsibilities, HR professionals have integral roles in reorganizations and reductions in force.” (par.3)

Another challenge facing HR departments today is the increase of organizations moving some...
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