Human Resource Activities and Strategies

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Nowadays, human resource management strategies became an essential part in an organization. Just like other strategies as marketing strategies or manufacturing strategies, human resource management strategies is functional strategies and they guide the actions to be taken within a specific function. For example, some HR activities like recruitment, selection training and development are guided by an organization’s HRM strategies. In any organization, functional strategies aim to support the organization’s business strategies. As a result, HRM strategies have to focus on what lines management sees as the major business issues. Strategic Human Resource Management can effectively organize the workforce by the specific strategy, which employees' performance can help to achieve the planned organizational targets, such as increasing revenue or improving the profit margin. Strategic human resource management is "human resource management" which conducted in a strategic way. The human resource activities are related to the achievement of the organization's overall objectives. Strategies human resource management compared to personnel management is the new way of managing human resources.

Topic 1: Define the concept of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). Then discuss three activities that a Human Resource (HR) manager will undertake, using relevant example to reinforce your discussion. According to Stone (2006), strategic human resources management is “focuses on the linking of all HR activities with the organization’s strategic objectives”, “strategic HRM objectives must accurately reflect the strategic objectives and values of the organization,” and “HR objectives, policies and plans must be judged by how well they help achieve the organization’s strategic business objectives.” As we know a strategy is a step-by-step plan of action prepared by an organization and it aims to achieve its plans so that to make sure its success and survival. Human resources strategies is the step-by-step plan of action to achieve its defined corporate mission and objectives by an organization doing employs, utilizes or manages, develops, and deploys its human resources. Furthermore, HRM strategies must reflect the strategic objectives and values of the organization, be taken into account in organizational strategies (and vice versa), support culture, climate, and organizational process to attract and retain good staff, identify the organization’s competencies and match people to these and sustain and build organizational commitment.(Stone, 2011)

HRM strategies is aim to support the organization’s business strategies and focus on what line management sees as the main business issues. Only then can HRM activities be clearly related to the direction of the business. (Stone, 2011) “HRM involves the acquisition, development, reward and motivation, maintenance and departure of an organization’s human resources. Certain key HRM activities must be undertaken to satisfy there aims: each activity is interrelated and together they represent the core of HRM.” (Stone, 2011) HRM activities including: job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, human resource development, career planning and development, managing diversity, health and safety, employee motivation, compensation and benefits and employee relations and industrial relations. (Patrick & Gary, 2011)

For a human resource manager, all of the human resources management activities are important and should be undertake and consider deeply in SHRM. Each activity plays a different role in strategies human resources management, and the human resource manager will undertake it when faced different situation, now choice job analysis as an example. Job analysis defines “a job in term of specific tasks and responsibilities and identifies the abilities, skills, knowledge and qualifications needs to perform it successfully....
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