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The Grant Corporation Information Technology Essay
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This report studies how to implement human resources information system, problems faced by Director of HR at grant incorporation in order to implement new HRIS and the corrective measures that should have been done to facilitate the change are studied in this case report. The critical success factors and weaknesses in various stages of implementing an HRIS are explored in the paper. The problems are rooted mainly in two factors. One is that HR department lacks knowledge about HRIS and secondly poor communication in the change process. According to (Hammer, 2000) some organizations are not successful in implementing human resource information systems. The system fails because the various software programs are not integrated and information is often missing. Some possible ways to prevent or solve these problems are: 1) consider add-ons, 2) get portal power, 3) integrate the system, 4) hire or host, 5)use what you have, 6) restructure the team, and 7) don't go it alone. The recommendations based on research are provided in this report. The Grant Corporation

The following case analysis report includes scenario of change management process at The Grant Corporation. The HRD at Grant Corporation needed to expand to keep up with the growth of organization. Newly hired Director of HR, Julia Woodland suggested implementation of a HRIS system to deal with existing HR issues. But it was not successfully implemented. According to (Mackenzie, 2010), increasingly, the failure to successfully implement information systems have less to do with the hardware or software aspects of the new system and more to do with the skills of the change leader and the people and organizational issues related to the change. The cause of problem that arises at grant incorporation involves lack of leadership, communication, planning, change management, and training. Woodland’s...
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