Human Resorce Mangement

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The Changing Role of Human Resources Management
According to Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright, human resources management are “the policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance” (2007, p. 2). The role of human resources management within businesses has been evolving since the 1950s. These changes have brought about a significant increase in competition along with the awareness that human resource management must play a larger part of the strategic role within every company (Tyson and Fell, 1995). The following paragraphs will discuss the changes that have taken place in human resources management due to transformations and trends in globalization technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics. Affects of Globalization, Technology, and E-Business

Businesses around the world have not been able to escape the process of globalization and technology. This process has forced many businesses to turn to international markets to remain competitive. This means many new objectives for the human resources department. For example, the outsourcing of labor, training new employees globally, the possibility of new positions, and the creation of new global policies. However, along with these new objectives comes new challenges, such as trying to create a consistent corporate culture, creating a multicultural human resources team, and the “potentially complicated responsibilities of multiple-currency payroll, multi-country dispersion, diverse jurisdictional tax legislation, and health care benefits and coverage” (Bryant, 1997). Fortunately, these additional complications bring new technologies. New self service and online employee tools, more efficient recruiting options via the Internet, and more secure containment of personnel records are only a few of the new technologies. Globalization and technology has also produced e-learning and e-negotiations for offices overseas. Nowadays, a business meeting can be held between two...

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