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Task 1

* Difference between Personnel management and Human Resource management:

Types| Personnel Management| Human Resource Management | Policy| In personnel management controller is only the deciding person of an organization. That person gives the commands and instructions. | In Human resource management, all actions and responsibilities separated in different sections.| Flexibility| There are no flexibilities in Personnel management. So their monitoring system is top to down| Employees are flexible in their role and monitoring system is bottom to up in Human resource management.| Dealing| Usually personnel management mainly deals with employee and payroll. | Human resource management deals with team work and success of the organization.| Relationship| In personnel management the relation among employers and employees is not so good. There is less reliance between them.| There is trusting level is so high and relation is very good between employers and employees in human resource.| Control| In personnel management Locus of control is external. | In HRM system locus of control is internal.| Contract| There is no legal written contract in personnel management. | There must be legal contract and commitment base.| Motivation| In this management system employees lost their motivation very easily and very less chance to get rewards as increase the motivation.| On the other side in HRM system employee gets flexible work place and does not lose their motivation and they gets rewards.|

There was the difference between Personnel management and Human resource management. And from my point of view Human resource management system is more organized and HRM system can bring success for the organization.

Task 2

* Roles and activities of HR planner:
HR plays an important role in the organization, as an example a HR ensure employee’s correct timing and placing and quantity of employee. HR has to approve out some activities: * Recruitment: Recruitment procedure tries to find suitable employee from vacancy post. Available vacancy post makes sure to find more suitable and flexible employee. There is different kinds of way to post there vacancy, such as magazine, newspaper, online post etc.

* Assortment for interview: This step chose some suitable candidates from their applications. Through this step organization arrange interview process for the candidates.

* Interview: In interview session some special responsible people meets the selected candidates. And this process could be verbal, written or both. From the interview organization find out suitable person for the recruited post.

* Induction or training: An employee should know his/her duties and role of the company. HR makes sure that employee knows his/her duties and responsibility through the induction or training.

* Monitor: HR monitor that employees are working correctly or maintaining their rules and regulation. In HRM system a HR monitors his/her staff in friendly way.

Task 3

* Role and responsibilities of the line manager:
A line manager plays an important role in an organization. Line manager works with HR of the organization. Line manager make sure that everything is going on by HR’s plan. There is some roles and responsibilities of line manager. Now I am going to describe about line manager’s role and responsibilities: * Employee select and interview: Line manager has to work more close and spend more times with employees. Line manager works...

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