Human Activities and Landscape Architecture

Topics: Psychology, Urban design, Behavior Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: March 5, 2006
The Relation between Human Activities and Landscape Architecture The first impression of designing constructions and places in the field of landscape architecture seems to create a particular space where people can display their activities efficiently. This creating job is not only to influence on human activities as performing our daily lives, but also to impact on society, politics, economy, and culture as a whole, which are associated with the track of human civilization. Thus, the significance of landscape architecture should be focused on how to fulfill human and society¡¯s needs as well as to maintain the beauty of nature. Prior to learn about all the artistic and scientific skills related to landscape architecture, identifying human behavior as a view of physiology and psychology and defining the interaction between the basic human needs and the design of landscape are greatly significant. Because the purpose of landscape architecture is based on ¡°giving human satisfaction¡± in balance with our given natural environment. Although human being is the most complicated creature on the earth, we subdivide the basic human needs into the five different branches; social needs, stabilizing needs, individual needs, the need for self-expression, and the need for self-enrichment. Each element explains how people behave naturally, and that gives us hints about the way landscape architects design places to make people relaxed and encouraged in their daily lives. The first element of the five basic human needs is social needs, which contains the human desire toward love, fellowship and such social interaction. People feel alive when they are engaged in something that others belong. Therefore, people seek spaces where they can stick together with common sense. Such behavioral tendency can be found in the public dance and concert hall, sports stadiums, mall in campus, church and the like. The Mall in Columbia in Maryland, for instance, has variety of places to support...
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