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Human Resource Management (HRM):Human resource management in that branch of management which is concerned with the people at work and their interpersonal relations. There are several other terms used for HRM which are as under: Personnel Management, Personnel Administration, Labor Management, Industrial Relation, Manpower Management, and Employee Relation etc. Human resource management has been defined in several manners such as under: “The aspect of management which’s goal is to use the labor resources of an organization effectively is called HRM.” “HRM simply means to control human in the organization.” “Human Resource Management includes all functions of staffing i.e. recruitment, selection, training, development, compensation and safety.” In other words personnel management is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the performance of some operative functions such as, the development, compensation, integration and maintenance of the people of an organization for the purpose to meet the major organizational goals. In short we can say that Human Resource Management deal with the four areas of management, these are as under • Selection of the employees

• Training of the employees
• Motivation of the employees toward the specific objective • Retaining of the employees. HRM retain the sound and creative minded people such those employees who are give much attention. So personnel management is the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration, and maintenance of human resource to meet the individual, organizational and social objective.

Function of HRM:
HRM functions include the following:
1. Procurement:
Procurement is the foremost operative function of the HRM. Procurement includes the selection, recruitment and appointment of an employee to an organization personnel manager should determine the duties of the job and also explain the qualification for the job description and job specification. It also include selection system, interview, selection test, medical examination and checking of references and also decision making for hiring a candidate. 2. Training:

Another operative function of HRM is the training of new appointed employees and also those whose are promoted. For this purpose a training programmer is established. Training increases skill and ability of employees. Training includes the following aspects:

i. Training to new employees, through instructors and supervisors. ii. Training through improvement of education such as evening classis, entertainment programs etc. iii. Encouraging employees to give suggestions,

3. Promotion, Transfer and Termination:
Another operative function of HRM is the promotion, transfer and termination of employees, because the performance of employees is evaluated for the purpose to take some vital decisions about employment. Merit rating is a systematic evaluation of performance. In this regard HRM lays down a promotion policy. It formulates policies regarding the transfer and termination.

4: Compensation:
Compensation is also an operative function of HRM. It is good and motivating device in an organization. Workers work on various machines in an organization where injuries may occur, if injuries occur in any business, so the workers should be compensated. In this regard, following are the functions of HRM. 1. to evaluate the job and to determine its worth in money 2. to collaborate with those who may formulate wages plans 3. to compare the wages of enterprise with the other industries...
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