Hrm Challenges on Diverse Workforce

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Part One Introduction and Background of Human Resources
1. Human Resource Management: A Strategic Function 2. Equal Employment Opportunity: The Legal Environment 3. Implementing Equal Employment Opportunity 4. Job Analysis and Job Design

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Chapter One Human Resource Management: A Strategic Function Chapter Learning Objectives
After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Define human resource management. 2. Describe the functions of human resource management. 3. Summarize the types of assistance the human resource department provides. 4. Explain the desired relationship between human resource managers and operating managers. 5. Identify several challenges today’s human resource managers currently face. 6. Outline several potential challenges and contributions that an increasingly diverse workforce presents. 7. Discuss the role of human resource managers in the future. 8. Explain how human resource managers can affect organizational performance. 9. Summarize several guidelines to follow when communicating human resource programs. Communicating Human Resource Programs Guidelines for Communicating Human Resource Programs Summary of Learning Objectives Key Terms Review Questions Discussion Questions Incident 1.1: Human Resource Management and Professionals Incident 1.2: Choosing a Major Exercise 1.1: Changes in Terminology Exercise 1.2: Justifying the Human Resource Department Exercise 1.3: Test Your Knowledge of HR History Exercise 1.4: Are You Poised for Success? Notes and Additional Readings human resource management Activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization.

Chapter Outline
Human Resource Functions Who Performs the Human Resource Functions? The Human Resource Department Challenges for Today’s Human Resource Managers Diversity in the Workforce Regulatory Changes Structural Changes to Organizations Technological and Managerial Changes within Organizations Human Resource Management in the Future Organizational Performance and the Human Resource Manager Metrics and the HR Scorecard

Human resource management (HRM) encompasses those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization. The human resources (HR) of an organization represent one of its largest investments. In fact, government reports show that approximately 64 percent of national income is used to compensate employees.1 The value of an organization’s human resources frequently becomes evident when the organization is sold. Often the 3


Part One

Introduction and Background of Human Resources

purchase price is greater than the total value of the physical and financial assets. This difference, sometimes called goodwill, partially reflects the value of an organization’s human resources. In addition to wages and salaries, organizations often make other sizable investments in their human resources. Recruiting, hiring, and training represent some of the more obvious examples. Human resource management is a modern term for what was traditionally referred to as personnel administration or personnel management. However, some experts believe human resource management differs somewhat from traditional personnel management. They see personnel management as being much narrower and more clerically oriented than human resource management. For the purposes of this book, we will only use the term human resource management.

human resource functions
Tasks and duties human resource managers perform (e.g., determining the organization’s human resource needs; recruiting, selecting, developing, counseling, and rewarding employees; acting as liaison with unions and government organizations; and handling other matters of employee well-being).

Human resource functions refer to those tasks and duties performed in both large and small organizations to provide for and coordinate human resources. Human resource functions...
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