Hrims Implementing Problem

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Question 2
The selection of software vendor is the most critical part in introducing HRIMS. A vendor with experience of developing most of the solution related to human resource, whether in the personnel or talent management domains or other processes associated with HR, offers a better choice. And if such a vendor has the strength of utilizing latest technology and a vision to perceive the future needs of HRIMS, he may consider a high quality of vendor. A vendor that providing complex solution, for which special skills may be needed for initial data entry, maintenance and creation of management reports, it may not be rated high. Of an HRIS software unable to configure the existing workflows in an organization and wants the user to adapt to the vendor HR processes, it is likely to be heavy both on training time and costs and may also gather resistence to its usage. Therefore, fail to choose a good and quality vendor might arise the serious problem when introducing or upgrading HRIMS.

Apart from that, one of the reason HR managers faced serious problem when introducing or upgrading their HRIMS is lack of budget or funding. Introducing and upgrading HRIMS is very costly. It involve a huge lump sum of initial set up cost and the subsequent maintenance cost. Besides, after implement HRIMS, it also need to incurred a portion of budget to train the employee to use it. The tight budget that organization allocated to the Human Resource Department may lead to introducing and upgrading HRIMS problem.

Another reason that lead to introducing HRIMS problem is technical infrastructure not in place. Setting up a HRIMS required computer, wiring, online capability and a lot of technical infrastructure involve. Even required employee with technical skill to operate it. If an company is lack of technical infrastructure to function the HRIMS, it may face the big problem when implementing it.

Moreover, staff resistance to change also a significant reason that lead to...
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