Hr Restructuring Trends

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Human Resource Restructuring Trends
1.A number of firms are changing the way the functions are performed. For example, some companies are restructuring HR for reasons, such as time pressures, financial considerations, and market pressures. This restructuring often results in a shift in terms of who performs each function. Organizations still perform the majority of a firm’s HR functions inside the firm. Adjusting to HR restructuring trends—who performs the human resource management tasks? 2.The traditional human resource manager continues to be in place in most organizations, but some organizations are also using shared service centers, outsourcing, and line managers to assist in the delivery of human resources to better accomplish organizational objectives. Additionally, the size of some HR departments is getting smaller because certain functions are now being accomplished by others. This shift permits the HR managers to focus on more strategic and mission-oriented activities. a.The Human Resource Manager.An individual who normally acts in an advisory or staff capacity, working with other managers to help them deal with human resource matters. One general trend is that HR personnel are servicing an increasing number of employees. The human resource manager is primarily responsible for coordinating the management of human resources to help the organization achieve its goals. There is a shared responsibility between line managers and human resource professionals. b. Shared Service Centers.Take routine, transaction-based activities that are dispersed throughout the organization and consolidate them in one place. c.Outsourcing Firms. The process of transferring responsibility for an area of service and its objectives to an external provider. The main reason for this movement was to reduce transaction time, but other benefits include cost reductions and quality improvements. Companies found that administrative, repetitive tasks are often performed in a more...
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