Hr Management in Aviation Industry

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Human resource departments exist to help people and organizations reach their goals. To do this, they face many challenges arising from the demand of the employees, the organization and the society. The domestic and international environments are particularly turbulent because of the growing diversity of the workforce and the globalization of business. The human resource department must contribute to the organization’s structure in ways that are both ethical and socially responsible. Human resource activities contribute to an organization’s success in a variety of ways, ultimately they must support the company’s strategies. The purpose of human resource management is to improve the productive contribution of people to the organization in ways that are strategically, ethically, and socially responsible. The HR department determine every organization’s success. Basically the HR department exist to support manager and employees as they pursue the organization’s strategies. To success in this, Human resource department, must have objectives. The main purposes of this department can be listed as follow. 1- Organizational purpose, to contribute to organizational effectiveness. The HR department exist to help managers achieve the objectives of the company. 2- Functional purpose, to maintain the department’s contribution at a level appropriate to the organization’s needs. 3- Societal purpose, to be ethically and socially responsive to the needs and challenges of the society. 4- Personal purpose, to assist employees in achieving their personal goals that obviously have to contribute to the organization. The personal objectives of employees must be met if workersare to be maintained, retained, and motivated. Otherwise, employee performance and satisfaction may decline and employees may leave the organization. To achieve their purpose and objectives, HR departments help managers obtain, develop, utilize, evaluate, maintain, and retain the right numbers and types of workers. When these objectives are met, the purpose of HR management is achieved through people who contribute to the organization’s strategies and overall goals of effectiveness and efficiency. Another purpose of this department is to introduce new employees in the organization; these people must be oriented and trained to perform effectively. Employees also must receive wages, salaries, or incentives, along with employee benefits such as insurance and holydays. Human resource department is in charge of these things. HR departments also play an important role in employee relations, usually by establishing policies and assisting managers. When employees are dissatisfied, they may take collective action.


By the term motivation I mean the instilling in people of a drive to take action. Motivation is essential in almost all activities of human beings, from the simply action of everyday like wake up early in the morning to the most common important activities like work and study. In human resource terms this means inducing or providing an incentive to employees to perform to the best of their abilities. An employer uses a series of actions or circumstances in order to achieve a degree of motivation in the employee. Motivation has also to be longer lasting and reinforced by concrete rewards and praise. Basically, motivation it’s used by employers to ensure continued high performance and productivity, to create a situation where employees have a positive attitude towards work and where the employees believe that their individual roles are not only valued but of crucial interest of the organization. It is not an easy task to increase employee motivation because employees respond in different ways to their jobs and their organization’s practices. Factors that affect work motivation include individual differences, job characteristics and organizational practices. Individual differences are the personal needs, values, attitudes, interests and...
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