Hr Management Functions

Topics: Human resources, Health care, Employment Pages: 3 (729 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The role of human resources is a versatile role. It requires the department to understand all things from recruiting, payroll, benefits as well as training in all areas even health and safety around the facility. Each of these is vital to the success of any business.

When it comes to recruiting, the Human Resources department must look into what the new hire could bring to the company. What their skills are and, if required, what education the new hire could have to back up their knowledge in the role they are trying to obtain. The potential new hire needs to not only have basic knowledge of the facility, but also in healthcare they should have advanced knowledge of the procedures that are vital to the success of any health care company.

With training the new hires, human resources can only do so much. They can coordinate for someone to train them on the floors, and they can also give the new hires a new hire orientation which is going to provide the new hire with information on what the mission statements are, the visions of the company as well as what the company expects out of any employee that it has in the facility. These mission and vision statements are extremely important especially to the health care field. This is what makes a company stand out to ensure that the company is providing quality service to any and all patients that come to the facility.

After the employee has been selected for hire, they are to also go through all paperwork that can instill them with the knowledge of what benefits come along with their jobs. Most facility offer a compensation package the can include but not be limited to, health insurance, dental insurance, as well as 401k’s, and long or short term disability. When the new hire gets the paper work explaining what each is going to cost, if any, and when the enrollment dates are for that particular employee. Since employees are all hired at different times, their enrollment dates are all different. Human...

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