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HR AUDIT - Human Resource
HR Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the entire gamut of HR activities :-

HR Cost
HRD activities
Health, Env. & Safety
Legal Compliance
Compensation & Benefits

HRD Audit is evaluation of only few activities :-

Skills & Competencies

This evaluation helps the organisation have a clear understanding of the lacunae and better align the HR processes with business goals.

HR Audit is done for the following reasons.
To make the HR function business-driven.
Change of leadership.
To take stock of things & to improve HRD for expanding, diversifying, & entering into a fast growth phase. For growth & diversification.
For promoting professionalism among employees & to switch over to professional Management. To find out the reasons for low productivity & improve HRD strategies. Dissatisfaction with a particular component.

To become employer of choice.

HR Audit can be done in any size of the organization provided the company has reached some level of maturity & people have accepted the HR within the organization. It also helps to find out gaps/ descrepencies within the HR role.

[ yashswa ] Member Since: Oct 2006 (Contributing Member) Hii Pooja.......

thanx 4 reply n ur valuable information.

still i have a doubt that wheather HR AUDIT is the responcibility of HR HEAD or some qualified professionals are required to appoint from outside & wheather it can done as regular activity of the company like all other i.e recruitment, training, administration etc.


[ poojabansal ] Member Since: Aug 2006 (Contributing Member) Hi Yashsva,

Usually an Audit means to be conducted by a third party since they usually happen to be impartial & unbiased. But every activity finally needs to strat internally. First the company should conduct internal audits & then hire a third party for an extensive audit. It is not the only responsibility of the HR Head. Everyone in the HR department needs to work together to make the HR & audit successful.

[ nehaleo7 ] Member Since: Apr 2006 hi yashsva

i did my internship in HR audit so i hav sum stuff..i hope it mite proove helpful to u..


An HR “Early Warning System” that works !
Your tool to assess the present. Your blueprint for the future. Your commitment to excellence.

An audit is a means by which an organization can measure where it currently stands and determine where it has to accomplish to improve its human resource function.

The HR Audit is a process of examining policies, procedures, documentation, systems and practices with respect to an organization’s HR functions. The purpose of the audit is to reveal the strengths and weaknesses in the non profit’s human resource system, and any issues needing resolution.

The audit itself is a diagnostic tool, not a prescriptive instrument. It helps in identifying what is missing and needs to be improved, but it can’t tell what one needs to do to address those issues. It is most useful when an organization is ready to act on the findings.

An HR Audit is like an annual health check, says EJ Sharma. It plays a vital role in instilling confidence in the management and the HR functions of an organization.

A healthy HR practice in an organization is as important as the physical and mental well being body.

The following are some of the favorable consequences of HR Audit that have been observed:

HR Audit helps to get a clue about the overall status of the organization and also to find out whether certain systems put in yielding any results. It helps companies to figure out any gaps or lapses.

It compares the plans and implementations.
Improvements in HR systems.
Increased focus on human...
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