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HR information system to measure the effectiveness and performance of employees [Student Name]

Research Title
Information Technology and Human Resource Management
Problem Statement
In the research it will be discussed what are the consequences that arise when the integration of IT in Human Resource Management takes place. Abstract
Human resource Management is a fundamental part of an organization. The use of technology for the advancement of human resource management has risen extensively from the last decade. In today’s organizations technology greatly influences the managerial processes and techniques in the human resources department. Information Technology has proven itself useful in every area of human life. It is become essential for organizations around the world to use advanced technology in departments of development, maintenance recruitment and various others. The large range of applications provided by IT have become indispensable for any operation and have proven themselves a quality improving and time saving necessity for the organizations desiring development and success.. In the human resources management, technology is not only responsible for bringing positive changes but it has also brought a number of issues and challenges for organizations. The most major challenge that a company faces in the process of adopting and implementing these technologies is the restructuring of the HR modules. It is important for the effective functioning of the technologies to be aligned with the HR functions. The creation of a correct management atmosphere is important for the existence of successful and authentic organizations. The research encompasses the challenges and issues that come in the path of organizations while implying IT techniques on HR functions. Research Question

How does the implementation of IT effect the human resource management and what advantages or disadvantages an organization faces when applying programs such as SAP? Aim
The aim of this research is to determine the use of information systems in order to integrate Information Technology in Human Resource functions and also to outline the role of software programs namely SAP in human resource management and how it is effective in accomplishing this merger between technology and various Human Resource areas. Objectives to Achieve the Aim

1. To outline the importance of introducing Information Technology in Human Resources. 2. To discuss how Information Technology affects the progress of human resource management. 3. To describe the role that SAP plays in implementing technology in human Resources. 4. To explain the processes by which SAP software influences the Human Resource functions of an organization. 5. To determine what are the aspects which ensure the success of the implementation of Information Technology techniques in Human Resource Management. 6. To review the benefits and drawbacks that comes with the introduction of information systems in human resources. 7. To determine the functions of Information Technology within an organization. 8. To identify the nature of challenges and problems that can come in consequence of applying Information Technology techniques across Human resource functions. 9. To study how by the help of several techniques and methods Human Resources can evade these issues and challenges. 10. To summarize how effective is a merger between human resource and information technology to an organization’s development.

Background of Research
The research is based on the fact that how much advanced technology has become an important part of the business world in modern times. It is not possible for organizations to function properly in any department without the assistance of Information Technology and the tools it provides. Manual methods of management processes and transactions in firms are fast dying and being replaced by faster and surer methods of achieving various tasks that are required...

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