Hr Audit

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HR Audit
The department of human resources plays a key role in a company. It has numerous functions in company operation. The purpose of a human resources audit is to evaluate the effectiveness of the human resources function and to ensure regulatory compliance. To evaluate the effectiveness of a HR department, we can focus on the following factors. Strategic HR Planning

The process of formulating HR strategies and establishing programs or tactics to implement them is called strategic human resource planning. [1]Having a strategic HR plan is critical to the company’s success. If done correctly, strategic HR plan provides many benefits for the company. Strategic HR plan encourage proactive rather than reactive behavior. It means that by strategic HR plan companies can have long-term vision. They can look ahead and be better prepared for the future. Strategic HR plan connects the HR goals to the organization’s goals. It can help the company to develop strategic objectives by recruiting people who meet the company’s culture and qualify for the position. Strategic HR plan can help a company to identify the difference between “where they are today” and “where they want to be”. The company can have a right direction to develop. When developing strategic HR plan, the company should consider several factors. Firstly, strategic HR plan should fit with companies’ business strategy. HR is the department that knows about and can adapt quickly to sudden changes in the workforce, it should work with the executive team to develop a clear business approach that combines human capital strategy with strong organizational management. Secondly, strategic HR plan should fit with the environment. In addition to reinforcing overall organizational strategies, HR strategies should help the organization better exploit environmental opportunities or cope with the unique environmental forces that affect it. Thirdly, strategic HR plan should fit with organizational characteristics. To be...
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