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Human resource management is an important part in management as it is managing of the biggest assets of the organization. It is always the ability of the human resource in the organization that decides the success of the organization than other factors. Human resource is a function that deals with all activities related with employees, from recruiting, selecting to training, salary, communication and administration. It not just include management of people rather also includes management of work and related activities. In earlier periods the companies HR policies were more administrative and less strategic but now HR has transformed to be more strategic and less administrative. Even the HR activities are more computerized and companies are outsourcing HR services as to reduce the HR staffing costs. The approach of strategic human resource management helps the organization to achieve their organizational goal. Where, SHRM bridges the gap between employees and firm. It involves better management of employment relationship of all the employees in an organization to donate best towards the organizations objective. In HP HR people are able to develop strong working relationships with management in which HR have great role in the process of decision making. In this 21st centuary, we can see many of the organisations facing human resources issues and these issues have great impact on the overall operations of the organisation.

2.0 Purpose of human resource management policies

Human resource policy forms a set of rules and regulations which defines the manner in which how an organization’s human resource activities are to be carried out and they helps organisation in achievement of organisational objectives. The HR policy acts as a commitment statement that they will act in specify way in dealing with employees of the organization. HP human resource team develops policies to make sure that employees and managers of the organization are aware of the legal laws, regulations, and boundaries and also know that how to deal with potential violations. In HP the HR policies acts as a decisions established by the management team to support human resource functions, performance management, employee relations and resource planning. HR policies make it easier for employees to understand way they need to behave, work in the A to Z situations. It is useful for the newly joined employees in a better way. It ensures that employees follow to achieve the organisational objective and satisfy the expectation of the organisation. In HP the objective likes confidentiality as well as regarding the business ethics can be only achieved through making better human resource policy.

HR policies and practices are the portrayal of the organisations objectives, values, mission and vision. HR policy incorporates a list of rules which helps to effectively and efficiently manage the human resources of organisation. Policies will abolish the misunderstanding among the employees; as well improve the employee morality and trustworthiness. In the situation of any employee issues the HR policy will give the truthful solution. It will be livelier and elastic in nature as it will require modifications according to various situations. HR policies of most of the multinational organisations will be developed in such a way that universal and agree with the nations rules and legislation. The HR policy will exhibit the ethics, values, objectives of the organisation and will be developed in a way that result positive relationship between employees and organisation.

Policies will change depending upon nature of the organisation. If the organisation wisely and constantly...
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