How Would You Evaluate an Organization’s Hrims?

Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Management Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: May 22, 2011
In modernize era, more and more technology has applied in business and management. Human resource information management system (HRIMS) is one of the applications used for managing people in organizations. However, to have the objective perspective, there could be a efficiency and practical review in organization’s HRIMS. Therefore, this paper will have an overview about benefits and barriers of HRIMS, after that there will be the analysis the effect of HRIMS on organization’s performance and job quality, and the value it brings to company.

At first, HIRMS is known as a informatics technology system in which the information is stored and analyzed for purpose of supplying the precise and opportune reports on the management in organizations (Raymond 2010). In addition, HRIS is another definition about technological application in human resource management that is more usually used. Raymond (2010) also quotes the poll of An Australian Human Resource Institute that a large number of firms used HIRMS for recruitment and performance appraisal. HIRMS has a lot of advantages and one of them is cost reductions (Marler 2009; Bondarouk, Ruel and Heijden 2009). The companies which apply electronic human resource management can improve the communication between employees and also enhance the team work spirit. Besides that this system can help the staff increases the abilities and knowledge through the details of individual indicators and applying the adequate training (Boundarouk and Ruel 2009). Last but not least, HRIMS can provide the efficiency to the organizations (Marler 2009; Raymond 2010). The managers and employees can catch the latest information timely to do work conveniently and quickly. On the other hand, HIRMS also has a lot of barriers. According to Bondarouk, Ruel and Heijden (2009), the privacy of statistics should be concerned. Individual communications may cause the conflict between manager and staff, for example, a blog. Next, the security of the...
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