How to Keep Fit and Health

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Comparison of Traditional Market and Shopping Center

Nowadays, people have more different ideas of shopping. Shopping is not only a need but also an entertainment. The style of buying at a traditional market is dissimilar to the one at a shopping center. Normally the traditional market is not too far to your living area. Hence, you might shop there for some definite purpose and won’t spend too much time. You possibly go there without taking any of your family members. There are couple issues while shopping at a traditional market. How’s the weather like that day for example as you are going to an outdoor traditional market? Where can you park your car? It could be crowed, noisy and muggy at a traditional market. During your purchase you need to hand carry all your goods in bags which are heavy and you will be tired. However, the retailers at the traditional market are very friendly, you may even know each other. It is very common people bargain at traditional market to get a lower price for goods. By contrast, you would probably spend a whole day with your family doing the purchase at a shopping center. If you get exhausted from shopping, you could even go to the game club in the same building. There’s no weather condition to worry about because it’s an indoor service with air conditioning. The environment is clean, bright and more organized. You can always drive and leave your car at a park lot of the shopping center. There are carts provided and it is convenient for you to carry your purchase around. But unlike the way you do at a traditional market, there is no bargain and you can only get fixed price at a shopping center. To sum up, traditional market and shopping center respectively provide distinct convenience and different feeling for people. It depends on what you need so you will choose where to go.
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