How to Help the Aged

Topics: Old age, Ageing, Gerontology Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: April 5, 2013
A very good morning to our school principal, Tuan Haji, senior assistant principal, teachers and the members of the floor. As the president of the English Society I am going to give a speech on 'How to Help the Aged'. First and foremost, we should be kind to elderly. At home, we can help them by reading them a newspaper, they might not see the words because sometimes, their eyesight not clear anymore because of the age. Besides, we also can serve them food during the meal.

Next, when we are using the public transport, we should sacrifice and offer seat to the elderly. Nowadays, a lot of the people may feel reluctant to give them seat. There are also people who inconsiderate, blatantly sit at the OKU seats and just ignore the elderlies. They do not have any feelings towards them. Another way of helping the aged is by helping them on the street. We can play our role by offer them a help. For an example, we can carry their heavy bags. Most of the elderly can't hold a lot of stuff because they are not strong anymore. Usually youngsters do not care about the elderly because they have their own work. Moreover, we also can help them cross a road. In addition, we also have to visit Old Folk's Home to bring cheer for them. English Society planned a trip in July. Everyone can join us and together cheer them up. We can entertain them by telling them stories and playing games together. They will feel very happy.

The most important thing is we should not make fun of them when they are sleeping, eating or anything else. Old people usually very sensitive compared to youngster. They are like back to childish again. We also have to care about their feelings not just by helping them.

In brief, we must give love to them. They really need a love from everyone because the will not feel lonely and left aside. Clearly, elderly need an attention from us to make them happy and grateful. I hope we can treat them nicely and help them. Thank you.
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