How Human Resource Practices Have Changed the Image & Appearances of Organization?

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Human Resource Management
Final Assignment
(How Human Resource Practices have changed the image & appearances of organization?)

Course Instructor: Mr. Umer Masood
By: Syed Nabeel Sabir – BM 25792

1. Acknowledgement:

In this document, I have tried to apprise that how HUMAN RESOURCE – Human Resource Practices have changed Organizations’ working. Further, have elaborated that, how these practices have impacted the image and culture of any organization?

I am grateful to course instructor Mr. Umer Masood for his continuous guidance and support on this assignment.

2. Human Resource (HUMAN RESOURCE)

The term Human Resource is used for the employees, workers and people who work in an organization. This is the human resource that plays the vital role in the success and failure of any organization. If organization has capable people and they are giving their best so definitely organization will go up. On the contrary, organization has lazy, unskilled, unfit to their job responsibilities people so definitely it would go against the interest of Organization.

Let’s take an example, a software company is given project which development has to be done in Java (Programming Language) – this is the requirement of customer, however, this company has people who have hands on experience of other Object Oriented Languages so you can better get the idea of the quality of deliverables. This product will not be acceptable to customer as it is not developed on the described language and it would incur negativity to organization’s portfolio. In connection of above example, if the organization had the resources or would have hired people of Java so things would have turned into favor of this organization.

The importance of Human Resource can also be understood that there is a textile factory, where fabric is made and then designed with the combination of different prints and colors. For making and designing, factory owns two workers who are individually fine with their areas and don’t have skills of other’s area. Means, One is good in making and one is good in designing; but don’t know each other’s working. For instance, these workers are transposed with each other or one is asked to perform the duties of other one so definitely the final product i.e. cloth/fabric will be futile. And this thing will go against the factory in terms of reputation, profit, and bring losses in the end.

It is also necessary for the organization that, the Human Resource which it posses should be legalized so that can avoid any objections regulatory bodies.

I think above examples best describe the Human Resource and how they influence on the success and failure of an organization. It clearly shows that if your human resource is not at right place and at right time so your results will be unsteady. To achieve this scope, organizations felt the necessity of Human Resource Departments who dedicatedly manages these problems by selecting and hiring of human resources according to required specification (Qualification, Skills, Experience, Age, Salary, Benefits, expertise and Position). These departments also deal with number of processes and procedures such as Trainings, Budgeting, Working Conditions, Performance Evaluation, Appraisals etc, we will briefly define them in lines below.

Before Human Resource Departments usually selection and hiring process of people were carried out by different departments; mostly by Administration Departments. And since they didn’t have proper mechanism, processes, procedures and framework of doing so and practicing, organizations always suffered their productivity.

Below we will describe the Human Resource Department.

3. Human Resource Department:

In light of aforementioned points, Human Resource Department is the role in an organization which emphasis on selection, recruitment, management and providing direction to the people who work within organization. HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT...
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