How Far Was It The National Governments Role

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How far was it the National Governments role, which prevented the growth of extremist parties in Great Britain in the 1930s?

The national government had huge parliamentary majorities in both the 1931 and 1335 general elections and how great power over Britain’s government and they made sure that no extremist parties were exploiting there power; they created policies of which played an important role in limiting the growth of extremist parties in Britain. These acts consisted of the 1934 incitement to disaffection act, which was used to prosecute anybody who was advocating the revolution or causing violence of any kind. The public order act 1936 was another policy that was put into action, which made wearing political uniforms forbidden which gave the police greater power to control and even ban political meetings and demonstrations.

The policies of the National Government in aiding economic recovery were a fact. National Government policies such as love interest rates, Imperial Protection and by the late 1930s rearmament did help reduce unemployment. It may well be argued that the fall in unemployment was a key factor for decreasing the growing number of recruiting extremist parties. Total unemployment was halves in 1933-38. It could be argued that most National Government policies were not that effective and that some policies in 1931-34 such as cuts in wages could’ve kept unemployment high by reducing demand. As the national level of unemployment fell, regional unemployment especially in old industrial areas started to pick up and remained high throughout the decade.

Although it wasn’t just the National Government who played a role in reducing extremist parties throughout politics in Britain; The Labour movement also played its part in preventing extremism. Leading trade unionist like Ernest Bevin spent a lot of time of their career fighting communist influence in the trade unions. The labour party rejected all attempts by the communist party to...
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