How Ethical Consideration Affects Human Resource Management

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Ethics Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: February 24, 2013
How Ethical Consideration Affects Human Resource Management
You will encounter many decisions in your career. How you choose to handle them will outline your ethical values. The best companies value their employees just as much as their customers. Human resource managers play an essential role in applying ethical principles. Human resource managers set an example for the rest of the company, as ethical behavior trickles down from the managers, supervisors, employees, and customers into the local community. Almost all large sized companies have some type of human resources management in place so that employees have someone available to help them deal with many different types of issues that include understanding the companies medical/dental plan, dealing with differences between employees, managing sick days, managing holiday time, the hiring and firing of employees, and the day to day issues that face all employees. Without human resource management, a company will find that any disputes that come up between the company and an employee, or between two employees, will take far too much time to work out. Many times the end result will be unresolved issues that cause an employee to quit out of anger or frustration. Human resources are there to prevent this from happening by having effective policies in place to deal with any possible problem that may arise. The success of most companies depends on this HR to be in place and considers it a part of any strong management team. Human resource management will serve to ensure that employees are happy and that when disputes and differences occur there is someone neutral to approach who can implement the proper polices to deal with them. A large area of human resource management is concerned with various ethical issues, both on the part of upper-level management in its business decisions and lower-level management in the treatment of individual employees. Management decisions must be made honestly taking all aspects into...
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