how does the extract conduct a representation of age

Topics: Old age, Ageism, Gerontology Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: March 28, 2014

How does the extract construct a representation of age?
Age in this extract is represented through camera-work, sound, editing and mise-en-scene. Monarch of the Glen, a British tv-series is based on Compton Mackenzies novel ‘Monarch of the Glen.’ Due to the setting based around older people and their community, younger characters are presented as pests and troublemakers to them, for example ‘Amy McDougal’ who lies about her age. Firstly, the main character in the blue jacket is presented as superior to others through the use of camerawork. During the car-crash scene, he is the first one to approach placed as the tallest character in order to present his superiority. Within this scene, other characters’ faces aren’t shown unless the man in the blue jacket is there also. The shot duration of Amy in the car is long, in order to foreshadow that she is in fact 16, and cannot properly drive. Because of her age, she is presented as immature and irresponsible. Her facial expressions in this shot are visible and give the viewer a clue that there isn’t something right. Her facial expressions mean that tension is built for what might happen if she doesn’t drive properly. When Amy is being told off by the superior male, she shouts and cry's when running off which conforms to the stereotype of young people being immature and unreasonable. Later on in the clip, when the older lady crosses the ground to see the male in the blue jacket, she walks slowly and calmly, despite the fact that she is telling the man that Amy has ran away. This presents the older generation as calm, and superior over the younger generation. Through the use of editing, the shot duration becomes longer when the two adults were speaking in the office. This could present them as slow, which conforms to their stereotype. When Amy returns to the scene a quick edit is used to represent a young, lively enthusiastic person. This represents how young people are energetic. When the old lady nearer the end of...
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