Hope in Old Age

Topics: Time, Ageing, Gerontology Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Hope in old age
In "Loneliness" by Laura Cortes, the author paints a picture of a man whose family has grown up and moved on. The poem shows that a man, older and alone in the world, can still hold on to hope for the future. Cortes establishes that the man has aged considerably since “he planted the trees forty summers ago” (line 6) and “time has gone by too soon” (13).  Cortes appears to be describing the old man from when he began his family, perhaps when he may have married and began having children forty summers ago. "He talks to them once in a while/ but he would never leave them alone" (lines 7-8). As his family has grown up, they have moved away, he talks to his children from time to time and allows them to live their lives. He doesn't interfere but he still watches over them. "He takes care of them every week" (line 5), although his family has grown up and moved away, he continues to work and make sure he has something to leave them. He continues working to provide for their future. Although the man is lonely and “surrounded by ghosts and memories” (3) the memories aren’t unpleasant as “[h]e remembers wonderful harvests, / with forty hands helping and carrying, / with plenty and beautiful apples, / with the young and united family smiling” (9-12).  He remembers joyous times and experiences that he had with his family. He knows that he gave them a good life and taught them to grow up to be independent. He knows he gave them the knowledge to prosper beyond him and carry on their own futures. The man still, although he is “surrounded by memories and ghosts, / they are waiting for the next harvest with hope” (15-16).  The man knows he has a legacy to leave behind. He knows there will be future generations, grandchildren, who will prosper and grow because of his accomplishments. He knows if he hadn't worked and provided and taught his own family as he did, his grandchildren would not have the future that awaits them. He knows he helped...
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