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Topics: Socialism, Karl Marx, French Revolution Pages: 7 (1292 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Ch 20 From Restoration to Revolution

Multiple Choice Only
Essays are still optional and worth two points each
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____1.The principal idea that guided the Congress of Vienna was: a.| the creed of economic and political liberalism.|
b.| the restoration of the French monarchy.|
c.| the principle of legitimacy.|
d.| the utilitarianism of the Benthamites.|

____2.The Troppau Memorandum, which was signed by Russia, Prussia, and Austria, called upon the signatories to aid one another in: a.| times of economic depression.|
b.| repelling a foreign invasion.|
c.| waging an offensive war.|
d.| suppressing revolution.|

____3.The revolutions in South America were aided in 1823 when the United States issued the: a.| Doctrine of Manifest Destiny.|
b.| Monroe Doctrine.|
c.| Jefferson/Jackson Doctrine.|
d.| Treaty of La Plata.|

____4.The Decembrist Revolt of 1825 was:
a.| a direct response to the formation of the Third Section.| b.| led by army officers obsessed with Jacobin republicanism.| c.| caused by the assassination of Nicholas I.|
d.| initiated by an elite corps of Russian army officers.|

____5.The Greek war of independence:
a.| pitted various Greek groups against the Ottoman Turks.| b.| was both peaceful and bloodless.|
c.| led to the repeal of the London Protocols.|
d.| resulted in the destruction of the Ottoman empire.|

____6.Nineteenth-century liberals were least concerned with the: a.| relationship between the individual and the state.|
b.| economic well-being of the middle classes.|
c.| reform of the legal codes.|
d.| plight of the agricultural laborers.|

____7.The utopian socialist Robert Owen put his beliefs into practice in his cotton factory in: a.| Middleville, Massachusetts.|
b.| Fourier, Provence.|
c.| New Lanark, Scotland.|
d.| Birmingham, England.|

____8.In The Condition of the Working Class in England, Friedrich Engels: a.| argued that the standard of living had increased for skilled workers.| b.| gave an empirical report describing the misery of British factory workers.| c.| described his observations of a textile factory in Lancashire.| d.| offered philosophical justification for dialectical materialism.|

____9.The founder of modern socialism was:
a.| Karl Marx.|
b.| Friedrich Engels.|
c.| Theodore Herzl.|
d.| Friedrich List.|

____10.Which of the following philosophers is often considered to be a precursor to the Romantic Movement? a.| Denis Diderot|
b.| Immanuel Kant|
c.| Jean-Jacques Rousseau|
d.| Voltaire|

____11.A Romantic would probably argue that human nature is: a.| diverse, and therefore subject to no natural laws.|
b.| incapable of expression in art.|
c.| a universal, and therefore subject to investigation.| d.| necessarily evil.|

____12.In general, the Romantics would be likely to argue that: a.| the philosophies had elevated reason above emotion and spontaneity.| b.| all poetic imagination must be subject to the laws of knowledge.| c.| nature reveals nothing, the mind everything.|

d.| truth could be found in the art of the ancient world.|

____13.The fiercest critic of British industrial society was the poet: a.| William Blake.|
b.| Samuel Taylor Coleridge.|
c.| John Constable.|
d.| John Keats.|

____14.The best known Romantic fiction, Frankenstein, was written by: a.| Mary Shelley.|
b.| Mary Wollstonecraft.|
c.| Mary Keats.|
d.| Mary Bysshe.|

____15.The Reform Bill of 1832:
a.| created equal electoral districts.|
b.| passed because the governing class feared a union of the working and middle classes.| c.| gave the vote to all males except those employed as agricultural workers.| d.| did not cleanse Parliament...
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