Topics: Industrial Revolution, Socialism, Karl Marx Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: October 12, 2013
HIS 234 Week Two Chat Outline: Secular States and Capitalism Householding- pg 103 oldest form of exchange how goods are distributed everyone works and everyone shares in the produce of the work. Goods for use not for sale or gain

Reciprocity-pg104 is an anthropologist word for giving, giving to someone your goods expecting to get some goods back from them.

Institutionalized reciprocity- pg 105 redistribution is a kind of institutionalized reciprocity is also involves giving and taking without prices or calculation

Medieval commerce-pg108

Crisis of Feudalism pg 109 capitalism did not suddenly replace feudalism after 1500 from 1300 to 1450 prices fell turning points where one historical stage dies before another is born

1450-1650 economy pg110 income and pay declined from 1450-1650 and only gradually returned to the 13th century level by 1850 this pattern was European not just English phenomenon Putting out system-pg119 under the earlier domestic putting out system many had learned spinning and weaving at home in order to argument their incomes there was no overhead for merchants who simply brought them raw materials and finished products.

Industrial revolution—early phase pg 120 and 122,129 industrial take off continued because cotton profits were invested railroads. The three most important turning points in word history are the agricultural, urban, and industrial revolution. Hallmark of modern society it would be industrialization to define western society before 1800

Mechanical time pg 145 Lewis Mumford suggests that the first req for the creation of a machine age was the invention of the mechanical time which took the place of organic or natural time. The clock not the steam engine was the key machine of the modern industrial age.

Interchangeable parts-pg 146 not two machines were exactly alike, mass production of products by standardization of machines each machine was made to be alike so they can make the same product but machine...
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