High Quality Human Resouce

Topics: Human resources, Economic development, Labor Pages: 18 (5531 words) Published: May 7, 2012
HIGH QUALITY HUMAN RESOURCES AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN VIETNAM Pham Xuan Thu* * College of Foreign Economic Relations (VSR), phamxuanthu@gmail.com

Human resource development, particularly skilled human resource, will promote increasing added value, increasing labor productivity through technical expertise and the discipline equipped with a workforce as well as increasing efficiency of natural resources use through management capabily of the managing staff within the company. This leads to increase economic efficiency of the components in the overall economy and will promote the development of a national economy in a sustainable way. In litmitation of the article, the author will reseach and address the concepts of high quality human resources (skilled human resources), the state of high quality human resources and the link between quality human resources and economic development in Vietnam.

Human resources, High quality human resources, Skilled human resources, Economic development...

1. INTRODUCTION: The relationship between human development or human resource (HR) development with economic development has been demonstrated through the works of many authors in the number of universities in the world such as Yale and Oxford1, Yale and Queen Elizabeth House2, and the work of UNDP and the World Bank and showed strong relationships and in two-way: human development will lead to economic development and economic growth will promote human development. Thus, there is a relationship between human resources, especially human resources skills or high quality human resources (HQHR) with the development of a national economy. Investing, developing and exploiting these resources will promote the economic and social development sustainably, utilizing and arranging appropriately high quality human resources to create added value, to increase labor productivity through technique, speciality, and the discipline equipped for the labor force as well as to enhance effectivity of use of natural resources through managing capability of the management staff in companies. This leads to increase economic efficiency of the components of the economy and will promote the nationally economic development sustainably. For Vietnam, developing high quality human resources is an important part in human development strategies in the new stage. And as talking about this, scientists often focus on explaining the objectivity, status, roles and solutions to develop high quality human resources. However, it should put the issue to develop high quality human resources in market economy conditions to see what the impact of the economic rules. The analysis of the effects of market economy rules will be an important basis for determining characteristics and requirements as well as appropriate solutions to develop high quality human resources in our country today. Based on the requirements of the value rules in the labor market, if one is providing better quality of labor, in accordance with the requirements of employers, he will have higher income. In 1

Center Discussion Paper No. 874, Paths to success:The relationship between human development and economic growth, Michael Boozer - Yale University, Gustav Ranis - Yale University, Frances Stewart - University of Oxford, Tavneet Suri - Yale University, December 2003; 2

Working Paper Number 18, Economic Growth and Human Development, Alejandro Ramirez - UNDP, Gustav Ranis - Yale University, and Frances Stewart - Queen Elizabeth House, October 1998;


the market economy today, if considered as a whole, the employment stability is relative only. Although employees have the opportunity to choose a job according to their abilities but they also face many challenges, even unemployment. For their ability is paid high price, and becoming a staff to replacement difficultly, the employees should be trained to have qualification skills, good health and foreign language, and industrial...
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