Hg Wells Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Empire, British Empire, Imperialism Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: April 13, 2013
H.G. Wells was unique in his style of writing.The popular book "The War of the Worlds" H.G. Wells philosphize society's problems in a constructive way of expressing his views, in a fictional theme of what he thought were soceity's problems in the time he was living.He used a Martian invasion plot to give the readers a perspective of a different way to view their culture. The perception the he displayed in the book are the ignorance of arrogance in the human race, human morality, imperialism and the art of war. The way he was able to inncorparte his views were through the expirences the narrator encountered throughout the trials of the Martian invasion.

During the time H.G. Wells wrote this novel, England was the elite empire in the world. Wells had seen arrogance of the culture. that could be exploited, giving the right circumstance of a supieor race invading upon their empire. He illustrates from the start of the novel, through the narriotors eyes "No one would have belived in the last years of the ninetieth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by inteligences greater than man's and yet as mortal as his own." Wells was stating that there's a possibility that the British empire could be overthrown, through a sequence of events of mass destruction in the early stages of the novel. The narriotor in the story explains how at first a element of ignorance; no one is concerned with the martian landing, even when the martians start intruding upon the land. The narriotor tries to warn people of an invasion, but they thinks he's crazy. H.G. Wells also included the narriorts brother precpective, in which the brother lived in the heart of England, London. Even though there was devasion outside of London, people were continuing on with their everyday lives. They had been informed of a invasion via newspapers. With the British Empire being well intacted, no one opposed of a threat. Wells relates the realism of his culture, that they should be more...
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