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Topics: Gerontology, Old age, Ageing Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Barriers, and facilitators of accessing health promotion and disease prevention services among older adults. America is aging. There were approximately 33.5 million people over the age 65 in the year 1995, having increased by 2.3 million since the year 1990 while the aging population increased by seven percent during those five years, the population under the age of 65 grew by only five percent. Moreover, the older population of the country is expected to continue growing especially between 2010 and 2030. When generation, known as “baby boomers” reaches the age of 65. Experts predict that there will be around 70 million aged persons by the year 2030. These people would represent around twenty percent of the U.SA Population. (Facts about law and the elderly). It is but natural that the growing elderly population of United States will have its unique needs in terms of both healthcare and legal protection. Most people associate old age with physical decline and both researchers and a number of elderly folks do know for a fact that with old age comes increase health care needs. According to Am J public health barriers to accessing health care among elderly are medical bills. With decreasing income and out of pocket deductable increasing elders shy away from seeking care, even with Medicare coverage elderly are still confused on what is covered and what is not. Transportation to and from doctors appointments elderly who can no longer drive have to rely on someone be it a family member a friend or public transport Elderly may feel like a burden thus choosing not to seek care. Income is another huge factor, with decrease in income, elderly are at times left to chose between buying food or drugs. I have seen these at my place of work where patients say they have not been taking hypertension medication because they can’t afford it. With budget restraints and reduced reimbursement to physicians, many physicians Shan Medicare patients for insured one. Elderly living in the...
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