Health Challenges Faced by Older Adults

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Health Challenges Faced by Older Adults

By: Akua Koranteng
Course: SCI/100
January 11, 2015
University of Phoenix
Instructor: Roxann Leraci


• Challenges Between Age and Gender
• Level of Challenges
• Neglect and Abuse
• Prevention
• Resources

Challenges between the genders
and at what age.

There are various challenges that affect the elderly in our society and it varies based on gender and also the age. These challenges are broken down in gender and age Male over 65

Female over 60

• Alzheimer
• Parkinson disease

• Menopause
• Thyroid dysfunction

Prostate disease
• Prostate Cancer

• Osteoporosis

Liver Disease
• Cirrhosis of the liver

• Breast Cancer
• Ovarian Cancer

Level of Challenges
In the home
Pressure on family:

Taking care of an adult with health concerns can put

In the Community
Housing Challenges

Most local communities struggle with providing
housing for the aged. Lack of long term facilities to

the family under intense pressure. Some of these

in the communities to make sure they are well taken

difficulties could be financial, time consuming and

care of.


Federal Level

Local / State Level
Cost of healthcare

Federal Healthcare benefits:

Caring for the aged with health related issues can

Most of the federal budget is earmarked for federal

put financial burden on the state for the cost of their

healthcare benefit for the aged. The more the aged

health care.

population increases, the higher the cost.

Are older Adults abused? If so how?
Neglect or abandonment

Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Financial Exploitation

Prevention of Abuse
Most of these abuse can be prevented by:

Listening to the elderly when they complain about abuse

Intervention is a key. We have to intervene whenever there is a abuse

Education other how to detect and recognize abuse of the aged

Programs to help educate victims of Abuse

Make resources available to educate the elderly on how to report being abused

There should be a toll free number so victims can call to report abuse

Offer free counselling to victims of abuse

Offer free legal assistance to victims

Create more support groups to educate victims

There are many challenges that our our elderly generation faces in our society. We need to put safeguard in place to help minimize the effects of these challenges. More resources should be available to help educate families, healthcare workers and society on elderly abuse. How we address these numerous challenges facing our elderly in the home, state, community, and federal level are very important in building a stronger community.

Conventional Medicine and CAM



Medical Drugs

Herbal Medicine



Physical Therapy

Holistic Approach

Factors that contribute to Violence in the
Alcohol abuse

People who abuse alcohol are prone to inciting violence.

Drugs abuse:

People who are on illegal drugs tend to incite violence


Mental patient or people with history of mental illness or prone to violence in the home

Indoor air pollutants and your
Type of Air Pollutants
Ways to Prevent it:

Secondhand smoking

No smoking indoors

Carbon monoxide exposure

Install Carbon monoxide and

Gas leakages

Dirty air filters

smoke detectors

Changes of Carbon monoxide
detectors regularly
Air filters must be changed



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