Health and social care unit 4 p5

Topics: Ageing, Gerontology, Retirement Pages: 7 (3291 words) Published: June 3, 2014
P5, 5a, 5b – M3
Explain the physical and psychological changes which may be associated with ageing. Physical changes that you can see as you begin to get older are: You’re Organs:
As you begin to get older your muscles within your digestive tract can start to become really weak and would possibly start giving you the risk of having a lot of constipation. Also as you get older your heart is beginning to get less efficient and would not be able to pump the blood around your body like what it used to have done. Also the other things that could happen to your organs as you begin to get older are •Your body metabolism starts to become more and more reduced due to the fact that the lowered performance of the endocrine glands that is in your body. •The breathing can start to become more and less efficient because of the fact that the respiratory muscles are becoming less weak than what they had been before when they was once younger. •The Gas exchange within the human lungs becomes impaired as the elastic walls of the different small air pockets called alveoli then starts to become damaged. •Also as you get older your blood pressure starts to get higher, this could be because of the fact that you are becoming more stressed or because it was passed on within your family genes. The physical changes that could happen within the body as you’re getting older can be: •As you get older your skin becomes thinner, and they also get more wrinkled, this is one of the signs that you can tell that you are getting older. Also another thing could be that as you get older your skin starts to get less elasticated and becomes really saggy. •Your muscles become less weak and therefore you wouldn’t be able to do certain things that you may have been able to do when you were younger. • When you get older your joints can start to become much stiffer and can become extremely painful as your cartilage on the bone starts to end and becomes really thin. As the ligaments in your body helps to reinforce the joints that also weakens and becomes looser. •Also because of the cartilage within your legs starts to separate and the vertebrae in the backbone becomes more and more compressed than before. The spine becomes more rounded than before, and all this could end up making you shrink and could lose some of your height. Your senses:

As you get older your ability to taste and smell things start to become less active and can deteriorate and the sense of balance can become really impaired. Also the other things that could have happened as you get older are that your hearing can start to deteriorate with the failure to hear high pitched sounds. Your vision can start to deteriorate because of the fact that a range of problems and cataracts can help to develop. Last but not least your skin can become sensitive and can lead to very high risk of increased hypothermia. The many different physical changes that people go through do not just happen because we are just casually ‘wearing out’ it happens because we are getting older. Also if you take the regular exercise, you may expect to live longer and stay so much healthier than what you would expect to plus the people who wouldn’t do this are the people that wouldn’t live as long. The different physical changes that are associated with the different ageing that may come with a limit to how many times the body cells can rapier and renew themselves and then because of the damage that builds up over the long lifetime. (Health and social care level 3, Beryl Stretch/ Mary Whitehouse 2010) Cardiovascular system

This is where the heart heals to pump your blood around the human body. It is known that the older you get the more likely it is for you to start to develop narrowing of the arteries and the other blood vessels due to the fact that there are fats which would be known as Cholesterol which are pushing down and padding our your blood vessels. This is normally known as ‘the clogging up’ but...
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