Hca/210 Wk 4 Assignment Understanding Continuum of Care Service

Topics: Old age, Retirement, Nursing home Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Understanding Continuum of Care Service

Long term continuum care: the continuum of care includes all levels of health care and personal care service available. It is normally defined as all levels of housing, supportive, and health care services available to a person in a given locality. The senior housing and services industry uses specific terms to refer to the various levels of service and care. If you’re not familiar with those terms, it may be confusing for you to understand what you need. These definitions should help. Please understand that these are general guidelines and there are variations within individual facilities. Independent Living: Independent living may be something as simple as a housing complex for seniors, or might be one level in a retirement community. Independent living includes residential homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and subsidized senior housing. Generally, residents take care of all their own needs including meal preparation, housekeeping and transportation. Residents must be independent. Use of a cane, walker, or wheelchair is fine, if the resident can take care of his or her needs without assistance. Residents may have occasional memory problems or forgetfulness, as long as there is not a consistent pattern of memory loss and the resident is not a safety risk to him/herself or others. Retirement Community: A retirement community provides independent-living housing plus services for older adults. The community generally owns the housing and rents to residents. Accommodations are usually an apartment, townhouse, cottage, or patio home. The community usually handles all grounds keeping and maintenance of the community. A community service usually has a package such as: meals in a community dining room, scheduled transportation, security, housekeeping, and planned activities, and even hair dressers. This service is only if you are able to take care of most of you own needs with little assistance like using a walker,...
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